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Abby Fox Champions Aerotek’s CSR Programme for Macmillan Cancer Support

Aerotek has raised £7,000 to date in support of the charity, with Abby Fox taking the lead in fundraising efforts.

Because so many people on the Aerotek team have been affected by cancer and received support from the charity, the decision to select Macmillan Cancer Support as Aerotek’s official Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) charity partner was a unanimous one.

Through Macmillan’s wide range of services and skilled professionals, they give people impacted by cancer vital support to help meet their medical, emotional, practical, financial and information needs.

Abby, who is Senior Consultant for Aerotek’s medical affairs and clinical operations specialism is especially passionate about the charity.

“2017 was an awful year with many people close to me battling cancer. Supporting the charity makes me feel good, but I also feel very lucky. I am healthy and surrounded by loving friends and family. I feel like I need to do everything I can to give back.”

Through the Aerotek and Macmillan partnership, Abby received a position in the 2018 London Marathon and she focused her energy on training and fundraising.

Abby Fox CSR AerotekShe organised a pub quiz night and raffle with some amazing prizes, including four tickets to Chessington Zoo to meet and greet the sea lions, a £100 voucher for a jewellery shop, two £75 vouchers for a sushi restaurant and Barcelona football shirts. The most sought-after prize was 10 square metres of cladding to the value of £1,000.

Abby’s older sister, who is a professional fitness instructor and dancer, conducted a Rave Fitness class that was held in the dark, with glow sticks, UV lights and face paint to rave music. The class was a huge success and attendees, ranging from a three-year-old to an 83-year-old and everything in between, had a blast while getting their heart rates up.

The Aerotek team took to Moorgate Underground Station for some bucket collecting. In shifts of two or more, the team worked the commuters from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. They found that the people that gave were those they least expected – from children to elderly gentlemen and even the station cleaner. People stopped to chat to them, thank them for their efforts and share their own experiences of cancer.

“I’m really proud of Abby’s achievements from a CSR perspective this year,” says Amir Al-Ajooz, Director of Sales Operations, Aerotek.

“She truly has been the driving force behind Aerotek’s charity efforts and stands for everything our brand stands for – to bring great people and great organisations together.

“I look forward to watching the team smash their fundraising goals during the second half of the year.”

Dress-down-days at work, a football sweepstake and fantasy football have also formed part of Aerotek’s efforts to raise money for the charity. Together the team has raised a whopping £7,000 to date.

“Every day, over 90 Londoners hear the devastating news that they have cancer, and with this number set to possibly double by 2030, Macmillan Cancer Support will be needed more than ever to help people with cancer find their best way through. Partnerships with businesses such as Aerotek are vital to both Macmillan and to people living with cancer.

“Thank you to Abby and the team at Aerotek for raising an incredible £7,000 so far. To put this into perspective, this could pay to run our Online Community forum for one month, providing a place for 125,000 people affected by cancer in the UK to share emotional and practical support to each other on anything to do with cancer.” Leena Sirpal, Fundraising Manager – West London, Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Race day turned out to be the hottest day on record for the London Marathon, with over 40,000 runners trying to finish the 26.1 miles in 24.1C. Abby decided to pull back, take it easy and really enjoy the race. “Every mile counted,” she says. “Knowing that someone had donated for me to run that mile really helped me to get though the race.”