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Kathleen, Director of Lab Operations

I have a passion for the sciences and truly love pathology; the science of the causes and effects of diseases. Throughout my career, I have worked in pathology (heme, chem, immuno), consulted for a pathology department for a major healthcare institution, managed a surgery department and even opened an Urgent Care Clinic.

Currently, I am the Director of Lab Operations at a pharmaceutical company and this job embodies what I love! It challenges me to learn something new daily from clinical and management to research aspects that all spark my interests. I have been given the opportunity to grow, develop and learn while pursuing my passion.

Feven, my recruiter, took the time to understand my interests and career goals, and went above and beyond to find me a permanent position that interested me. She was always personable, organised, timely, efficient and serious about my work and clients.

I have a passion for the sciences and truly love pathology.