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3 Ways Recruiters Can Help You Find the Right Warehouse Job

A man and woman wearing hard hats and safety vests view a tablet next to boxes in a warehouse.

If you’re looking for warehouse work you’ve likely noticed that there isn’t a shortage of options. People are shopping online more which means companies need to store more products and need more workers to help manage and ship items. The demand should continue well into the future. FedEx recently predicted that nearly 100 million packages will be shipped daily by 2026.

Depending on your location and specific goals, warehouse worker job seekers should have multiple options to consider. We spoke to Aerotek Practice Lead Jamie Davis to get a better understanding of how recruiters help warehouse workers find the right job. She interacts daily with job seekers and employers in the light industrial space, including companies who employ forklift operators, assemblers, production workers, general laborers, and machine operators


Warehouse workers often have preconceived notions about working with recruiters. We asked Davis what’s the most common misconception she commonly hears from job seekers about the recruiter relationship. Davis had a quick answer: "That recruiters and employment agencies don't care about the candidate and are only looking to fill a position as quickly as possible. But the truth is we're really invested in your long-term warehouse career. That’s our employee value proposition,” says Davis.

It’s easy for a recruiter to say they care, but the best recruiters show you they are committed to your short and long-term success. Here are three ways a recruiter can demonstrate they have your goals skills and interests in mind when presenting warehouse job opportunities.

Delivering valuable employer information

To provide you the best information about a potential employer, a quality recruiting agency will visit the hiring company’s worksite. Exploring the premises and meeting the staff allows the agency to give you valuable information about the company’s culture, jobsite conditions and any specific rules or regulations.

“We meet with all of our clients in person and try to understand their business, culture and environment. We can then match what we learn to the employees skills and interest,” says Davis.

Hiring companies aren’t likely to provide this information in the job description. It helps having a recruiter in your corner who has these details and can identify any potential issues before you accept a position.

Making your safety a priority

Feeling safe at your job creates a better work environment. A quality recruiter will always put your safety first and let you know of specific worksite guidelines or procedures.

“Aerotek’s number one requirement when partnering with a company is to ensure the safety of their employees,” says Davis. “Every account manager tours the facility before we work with the employer, and then on top of that, we review their industry safety rating with their safety managers.”

Warehousing and distribution companies take various approaches to protecting workers. Developing a recruiter relationship gives you an opportunity to express your health and safety concerns to someone who knows specifically how the company ensures on-the-job safety.

Helping to determine which type of facility suits you best

If you're in the market for a warehouse job, it's important to be somewhat familiar with the industry. When seeking workers for warehouse operator positions, Davis generally splits the facilities into two different categories: warehouse distribution centers and warehouse manufacturing facilities.

A recruiter who has detailed information about your experience, skills and ambitions will find the right type of warehouse for you. This can be based on available shifts, access to technology, commute preferences and other factors.

Working with a recruiter helps to identify where you want to take your career and what types of companies you need to work with to get there. The best recruiters connect you to opportunities that propel you towards your goals.

To find a warehouse job in your area see our job board today.