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Aerotek Forges Community Partnership to Fill Talent Pipeline in Sacramento

Three construction workers are gathered at a construction site. They wear safety vests and helmets. One person holds open a set of blueprints, another operates a laptop, and the third points off-camera. The concrete ground and construction materials are visible in the background.

The Challenge

Current market conditions left our Sacramento clients struggling to find the volume of talent needed to meet their manufacturing goals. Our local Aerotek team - determined to help our clients find qualified candidates for their open positions - used their knowledge of the Sacramento area to develop a unique sourcing strategy that not only widened the available talent pool, but also positively impacted the community in the process.


Aerotek's Solution

Aerotek’s geographic footprint ensures that we are engrained in the markets in which we do business, and as such, our Sacramento team was aware of the large population of refugees in the area. In order to bring our clients’ employment opportunities and the talent of this underserved group together, Aerotek formed a partnership with Bach Viet Association. 

Bach Viet Association is a Sacramento-based non-profit dedicated to enhancing the lives of refugees and underserved communities by facilitating job placements and empowering individuals to build better futures.

Our account team leveraged their extensive network of manufacturing clients to identify job opportunities that were aligned to these individuals’ goals and interests. We then used our fully customizable screening process to determine if the candidate would be a good fit for the job based on their current skills. Once it was determined that a candidate was qualified for the open position, our recruiters used their employment expertise to help individuals build compelling resumes to represent the valuable skills and qualification they would bring to the job. 

Once our contract employees began working at a client site, we kept the line of communications open throughout their assignment. Our dedicated account team acted as the point of contact for routine questions, performance feedback, issue resolution, accommodation requests, etc. This level of service allowed our client’s internal teams to focus on their core responsibilities, while also ensuring our employees remained engaged and retained.  



This partnership exemplifies how embracing the diversity within our communities positively impacts individuals and businesses alike. Aerotek has successfully placed 200+ refugees in entry-level positions in the Sacramento area. What started as a creative solution to bring one client top quality talent, has turned into a repeatable sourcing strategy we have leveraged with seven unique clients spanning the construction and manufacturing industries.