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Aerotek Supports Health Care System for Hospital Opening

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The Challenge

Our client, one of the top ranked health care systems in the United States, was undergoing the monumental task of opening a new hospital. A fully functioning facility was critical to both the safety of all patients and the successful opening of the hospital; therefore, our client needed their facilities maintenance team to be fully staffed and trained before the facility opened its doors. The health care system’s current vendor was not providing a consistent flow of talent and the candidates that were being provided lacked the technical skill necessary to successfully perform their job duties. Our client needed to find better access to talent quickly or risk not having the staff needed to open the hospital on-time. 


Aerotek's Solution

Before starting to source talent for our client, Aerotek worked closely with hiring managers to build a detailed hiring profile for each of the client’s open positions. This profile covered what skills and qualifications were needed to be successful in the role and served as resource for our recruiters when sourcing and screening talent for the client. Our team then consulted our client with market data to ensure their compensation was in-line with their competition in the area. 

To ensure our client had the volume of talent necessary, Aerotek aligned a team of specialized local recruiters to our client’s business. Our local team also leveraged additional recruiters from our Strategic Recruiting Center (SRC) to increase recruiting bandwidth.



As a result of Aerotek’s dedication to understanding our client’s needs and our knowledge of the local hiring market, Aerotek was able to provide 30 facilities maintenance & operations personnel for the opening of new the new hospital. 80 percent of Aerotek’s contract employees finished their assignment and more than 75 percent of the employees Aerotek placed were taken on as permanent employees. 

Based on our success on this project, Aerotek was able to grow our partnership with this client to include supporting the health care system’s Project Management, Resource Management, Facilities Management, Maintenance & Repair, Pathology, Supply Chain, Clinical Labs, and Pharmacy business units.

“I have been able to build a great rapport with [the Aerotek team], we have been able to identify, recruit and fill numerous positions. Due to our trusting relationship, we have been able to give open and honest feedback to each other to ensure our recruiting and onboarding experience for new hires is a positive experience. The partnership has been amazing! [Aerotek has] helped us build an amazing Maintenance & Repair (M&R) team for the [hospital]. One of the things I am most proud of during my tenure here is the M&R team we have built over the past two years. I couldn’t have done it without the Aerotek team!” 

-Sr. Operations Manager