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Common Myths About Contract Work

Now is a great time to be a contract worker. Companies are aggressively looking for new employees, wages are increasing and benefits are improving. However, there’s no shortage of misconceptions when it comes to contracting. Let’s explore some of the most common myths about contract employment including the types of jobs available and the long-term career options for contract workers.

Myth: Contract workers don’t have access to benefits

Truth: Aerotek contractors are offered a variety of benefits.

Our recruiters work to understand a job seeker’s skills, goals and interest to provide continuous career support. We want to help you find a job now and continue to help you find the work that will advance your career.

Contractors may also be eligible for work-life benefits like flexible scheduling or per diems depending on their assignment. Eligible contractors can also access health, vision and dental insurance through Aerotek.


Myth: Contract work is only low-level work.

Truth: Aerotek hires a host of managers and skilled trades professionals.

We connect qualified job seekers to supervisory and leadership positions like warehouse and construction managers, foremen and facilities administrators.

Aerotek also places welders, electricians, manufacturing mechanics and other skilled trades professionals with leading companies. Some of the most important projects in aviation, construction, distribution and manufacturing are powered by Aerotek contractors.

Myth: Contract workers don’t learn new skills

Truth: Contractors can get hands-on experience with a wide variety of occupations.

For contract workers, every assignment is a chance to learn something new. Workers can explore opportunities across industries to build experience. It’s an ideal way to add new skills and efficiently advance your career.

In a candidate’s job market, employers are reacting to the scarcity of talent by being more open to hiring people who don’t have all the required technical skills and experiences upfront. Companies are willing to train new employees and this can help contract workers gain skills they can use for future assignments.

Contract employment can be an excellent way for workers to find jobs that can propel their careers forward. If you’re interested in finding contract job opportunities, explore our job board.