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How Automakers Can Build a Company Culture That is Employee Friendly

Building a company culture in the auto industry 

Building a company culture is a huge part of your business’ brand, and having a reputation for a warm, welcoming culture creates a more engaged workforce. Your company will be known within its industry for having an inviting company culture, and your employees will show it in their morale and enthusiasm for the company.

It’s no secret. Focusing on developing company culture helps retain workers. As resignations remain high, employees are asking more from their employers in terms of career advancement, wages, flexibility and in creating an inclusive working environment. 

Automakers are also challenged by evolving worker motivations as they aim to build an employee-friendly culture. To better understand how manufacturers in the auto industry are dealing with rising resignations and worker expectations we spoke with Director of Strategic Sales Dan Stiles. Stiles has over 20 years of experience in helping automakers find the best workers for their teams. He believes the retention challenges automakers face are shared by others in the manufacturing industry. 

“Automakers share similar company culture challenges as other manufacturers. Perhaps unions play a larger role in the automotive industry when comparing manufacturers without unions, but overall automakers and suppliers are equally challenged to create attractive company cultures,” says Stiles.

What makes a good company culture in the auto industry?  

Although their products and business models differ from other large companies and industries, the things that make a good company culture in the auto industry are common. A worker-friendly culture requires that everyone feels valued and part of a community. 

Stiles points out that building a company culture in the auto industry can start with the basics. To show you value workers, invest in creating a safe and welcoming workplace. 

“The work environment sends a message about the value of the employee. I’ve recently seen facilities that have ping-pong tables, complimentary snacks and very well-lit break areas. Offering dingy and dirty breakrooms sends another message to employees about their value, “says Stiles.

How can you create a sense of community in the workplace?

To create a better sense of community in the workplace, automakers can offer mentorships and career mapping opportunities. 

“People need to be able to see someone who has started with your company and know how they’ve advanced in their time there. Having opportunities to transfer knowledge and provide mentorship is becoming even more important in building company culture,” says Stiles.

How do you build a positive culture in the auto industry workplace? 

Building a positive, worker-friendly culture in the auto industry means creating a sense of community within the company. Here are some of the strategies you can use to develop your company culture: 

1. Connect Workers To The Company Mission

One of the best ways to bring people together is to have them pursue a common goal together. This is especially true in auto manufacturing where workers are often only responsible for a small part of the final product. Selling your workforce on the company’s mission and how their role impacts business helps workers feel valued.  

“Workers want to know what they do matters. Every day they might be manufacturing this small little part, but if they understand how their role contributes to the overall good, they’ll be more engaged in the company’s mission,” says Stiles

2. Value Your Employees

Developing company culture means focusing on the smaller interactions and signs of support that make employees feel special and appreciated. Actively seeking out employee feedback, showing them their impact on the company, and simply being a good listener to their concerns are some of the top ways to make them feel valued.

3. Invest In Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Initiatives 

In a recent Gallup survey 42% of the 13,085 respondents stated that a company’s attention to diversity and inclusivity are important factors for selecting a job. Creating a more inclusive culture is a win-win scenario for automakers and their employees. Workers get to work where they know they are welcomed, and their voices are heard. This also helps employers retain workers for longer. 

What can automakers do to build a company culture that is worker friendly? 

Most employers want to build a company culture their staff can brag about. Stiles recommends that leadership play a larger role developing a worker friendly culture and in welcoming new workers, while helping them understand why their role is important to the company. 

“Improving company culture starts with the leadership being more intentional with spending time with newer hires within the first couple of weeks. Taking the time to explain their value, how their role impacts the business, who their customers are and communicating advancement opportunities makes a worker feel more valued,” says Stiles.  

Learn more about building a company culture

Building an inclusive and employee friendly culture  in the automobile industry takes some time and effort. Following these strategies will go a long way to improving your employees’ morale and community at the company. If you’re interested in learning more about building a company culture and diversity, contact us today.