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How to Find Seasonal Jobs That Fit You: Work With a Recruiter

In a warehouse a man and woman wear hard hats and safety vests while logging inventory data into tablets.

How to find seasonal jobs

Are you on the hunt for a job, and hoping to have one before the holidays start? If so, we’ve got good news and some advice on how to find seasonal jobs. Even as hiring has slowed down, many warehousing companies are currently adding staff to meet the demands of the holidays. The distribution & logistics industry (warehousing) offers plenty of seasonal job opportunities whether you’re a skilled maintenance professional or if you’re looking for something more entry-level.

Finding seasonal jobs or “holiday” work near you can be a daunting task if you’re not sure where to start looking. Fortunately, staffing agencies like Aerotek are here to help you learn how to find seasonal jobs. 

We spoke with Recruiter Practice Lead, Patrick Gopez who has over nine years of recruiting experience. He provided a few tips to workers on how to find seasonal jobs and excel in any position.

Is it worth working with a recruiter? 

Searching for, finding and applying to potential seasonal jobs has become exponentially easier with online job boards and recruiting websites. But not all distribution and logistics companies utilize these tools to find employees. That’s where staffing agencies come in. A quality employment agency will take the time to review your goals, skills and interest to determine which seasonal part-time job is right for you. 

What are the benefits of a seasonal job?

For many workers, seasonal jobs present an opportunity to earn money leading up to the holiday season. Gopez believes the combination of aggressive hiring and availability of overtime makes seasonal warehousing jobs an attractive option for skilled trades workers like maintenance technicians and general warehouse workers

“When the holidays are approaching is usually when people start looking to earn extra income. I like to tell applicants how to find seasonal jobs and how they can help them through the holidays. Overtime is usually offered too and that helps attract people looking to earn during the holiday season,” says Gopez.
Through their connections to local employers, staffing agencies can expand your job search to include companies you may not even know were hiring. This helps you make the best choice for finding seasonal jobs.

The pros and cons of seasonal jobs

Adapting to the seasonal work can take some time. Both skilled trades professionals and picker packers will need to consider if certain conditions will work for them. 

If you’re a warehousing maintenance professional working a seasonal job, your schedule likely won’t be very flexible and getting time off will also be difficult. You’ll also likely need to explore other opportunities as your assignment comes to an end.

Workers of any skill set might find that adapting to a workplace during a seasonal assignment to be difficult. Mixing in with a new company culture in a fast-paced environment presents unique challenges. Gopez recommends taking the time to get to know the workers around you to adapt and learn about the company culture.

“Be open to communicating with and learning from other workers on staff. If you’re working a seasonal job through Aerotek, don’t just hang out with the other seasonal workers. Get to know the people who have been there awhile. This helps to build chemistry with the people you’re going to be working with, “ says Gopez.

How to improve your chances of going from seasonal to permanent

Turning a seasonal warehousing job into a long-term job opportunity isn’t easy, but it can be done. If you enjoy your seasonal job and want to keep working for the company, focus on showing up on time and avoid missing shifts. 

“Attendance and reliability are key. Workers can control these aspects most of the time. If your contract is for two months, missing a day or two a week is almost 20 percent of your assignment. So, it’s critical to show up and be consistently reliable,” says Gopez.

Avoiding absences and delivering a consistent performance every day may get the company to consider keeping you on staff beyond the holidays. You can improve your chances even further by performing your job to the best of your ability. 

“Another important factor for possibly getting hired long term is worker performance. Your production can take you a long way. Employers are going to be keeping an eye on how well you are doing, so it’s important to meet expectations."

Working with recruiters to find a seasonal job

The holiday season is when warehouses need additional help the most. Take advantage of this opportunity by working with recruiters to find the job that’s right for you. 

Adjusting to a company’s culture quickly can be difficult. However, if you focus on your performance, attendance and communicate with your coworkers you can have an enjoyable experience while making some extra money.

When you’re ready to start looking for seasonal warehouse work, check out our job board.