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How to Fix Supply Chain Disruption: Hire a Staffing Agency

How to Fix Supply Chain Issues

Supply-chain issues are unpredictable as they are frustrating. Companies require a degree of certainty to ensure they reach their business goals and logistical delays create chaos. The frequency of the supply-chain woes that started during the COVID-19 pandemic may be waning, but employers must be ready to adjust when the next disruption occurs. 

A staffing agency can’t ease inflation and supply-chain disruption, but it can help in other ways. An employment firm can help you ramp up your workforce, scale it based on your needs, and bring in specific talent. All these benefits can help your company during times of logistical uncertainty. 

With over 16 years of staffing experience, Aerotek Practice Lead Liz Wellman has helped numerous companies find the workers they need and she’s witnessed how supply-chain disruptions have altered staffing strategies. She provided a few reasons why working with a staffing agency can help businesses overcome the staffing challenges created by supply-chain disruptions. 

Scale Your Workforce Based on Your Needs

Let’s say you need to bring in a short-term employee(s) to help you get through the supply-chain issues. A quality staffing agency will learn about your challenges and find a solution. They can help you identify the proper number of workers you need to add and determine how long the assignments should last.  

“Shipping and freight delays can make it difficult for companies to ensure they’ll have the workers they need on when products arrive. This is when a staffing agency can find candidates who understand they may only be needed for a month or for a specific project. Often, this allows the employer to acquire the staff needed and it shifts the responsibility of paying unemployment to the staffing partner,” says Wellman. 

Find Specific Skilled Labor More Easily

Finding skilled talent is difficult even when the supply chain is stable. If you have a certain job that needs to be filled — maybe an opening for a maintenance mechanic or machine operator — staffing agencies will have you covered. 

“Supply-chain disruptions can create slowdowns which can create a demand for specific skills like preventative maintenance. This work is often done during the off hours and when companies experience a sudden slowdown due to supply-chain issues we can help them find the person with the right skill set and attitude quickly,” says Wellman.

Are Staffing Agencies Worth It?

No matter the role you’re hiring for, a reliable staffing agency will work with you to craft a detailed job description to post and market online in a way that maximizes exposure to your intended audience. They’ll leverage networks they’ve built up within their industry. And often, they’ll handle the interviewing and recruiting process for you. 

“For skilled trades jobs, many companies just put up the job postings. Whereas we have recruiters that are specifically recruiting for these skill sets, especially on the maintenance side for warehouses. We can partner with a company and share our massive database of candidates to help them fill these roles quickly,” says Wellman.

While some forecasters are cautiously optimistic about a reduction of supply-chain disruptions in 2023, there is no certain outcome. However, a good staffing agency can equip your company’s workforce with more workers and unique skill sets to help it weather the logistics problems as best it can. 

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