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How to Reach Your Goals Through Contract Work

Everyone has career goals, but not everyone ends up having a story of achieving them. Aerotek is proud to be in the business of helping our contractors reach their goals. Sometimes, it's good to have a partner to help you advance your career. This was the case with Eddie, an HVAC professional who started working with Aerotek after moving from New York to Pennsylvania. Eddie’s goal since he started as a duct mechanic at the age of 16 was to find a permanent leadership role with a supportive company.

Shortly after moving to Pennsylvania, Eddie was able to find consistent work in HVAC thanks to Aerotek Practice Lead Rick Cirilo and Account Manager Taylor Lehman. By learning about Eddie’s interests, skills and goals, Aerotek worked with Eddie to find him the jobs that got him closer to a leadership role. Ultimately, Eddie landed a foreman role with a Pennsylvania construction company. 

We recently learned that the company was so impressed with Eddie’s skills and leadership abilities that they offered him a full-time role. To show his gratitude for their help, Eddie went out of his way to visit Rick and Taylor. 

Eddie has an interesting story, and he was nice enough to answer a few of our questions about his experiences. He let us know more about how he found Aerotek and gave us a few tips on how to reach your goals through contracting.  


Aerotek: How long have you been working with Aerotek? 

Eddie: “About three years. I’m originally from New York and moved to Pennsylvania, looking for work in HVAC installation. That’s when I found Ricardo (Rick) and Aerotek.”

Aerotek: What was your goal when you began working with Aerotek?

Eddie: “I’ve been doing HVAC work since I was 16. When I moved from New York to Pennsylvania, I knew I wanted to find permanent work in HVAC with the right company. Now I’m the foreman, but I started as a duct mechanic. I had always wanted to be in a leadership role and be top of the class.”

Aerotek: What about your work makes you proud?

Eddie: “I’m an HVAC foreman for a local construction company. I like to look at it like I’m becoming part of this city’s history. In the future when I’m driving around with my granddaughter or grandson, I can point to the retirement homes and hospitals where I’ve worked and tell them about how I worked in those buildings to help keep people comfortable.” 

Aerotek: What’s your favorite part about working in HVAC?

Eddie: “I tell everyone, especially the younger people, to get into duct work or HVAC installation. You’ll have work wherever you go. Everyone needs to be comfortable.”

Aerotek: How would you describe your experience working with Aerotek and how did it compare working with other staffing agencies?

Eddie: “Aerotek showed me that they care, whereas the other companies I’ve worked with just threw me into the fire. Aerotek supported me and kept me working. That’s why I love Aerotek, I recommend them to whoever I speak to. If you’re really looking for work, Aerotek will fight for you. It may take some time, but you will eventually shine.”

Aerotek: Not every contractor visits their recruiters. What made you want to make the trip

Eddie: “I loved working with Aerotek and Ricardo. They supported me. I was never laid off from a job or got assigned to jobs I didn’t want. I brought donuts and cakes to the office to show that just because you’re not always seen, doesn’t mean you’re not recognized. I’m sure there are other contractors that feel the same way.”

What do you like most about the company you’re working for now?

“The company I work with now is very supportive. They help each other out. If someone’s struggling, they are going to help you. The people here want to see you succeed and I want to see them succeed too.”

Do you have any tips for other contractors that want to find permanent work?

“If you really fight for what you want, Aerotek is the way to go. Just be patient and they’re going to do their best to put you in the right position.” 

We’d like to thank Eddie for taking the time to speak with us about his experiences. We wish him the best of luck as he continues to build his career in construction.

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