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Summer 2023 Job-Seeker Survey

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Through our Summer 2023 Job-Seeker Survey we aimed to learn how job seekers are feeling and what they are considering as they look for new work. We surveyed 1,437 job seekers to learn how they are feeling about the labor market and what is motivating them to apply for and ultimately accept a new job.

Economy Weighs on Job Seekers

A staggering 70.7% of respondents have not received a pay raise based on inflation in the past year, despite the rising cost of living. Adding to that concern, an overwhelming 77.3% of respondents have indicated that their overall financial situation has worsened or stayed the same since 2022. 

When asked what they view to be the most significant barrier or challenge in their current job search, most job seekers (53.8%) pointed to the economy and/or job market.
How would you describe your financial situation compared to this time in 2022? Percent
Better than 2022 22.68%
Same as 2022 36.03%
Worse than 2022 41.29%

What's Motivating Job Seekers?

Based on Aerotek's survey findings, “Job Security” is increasingly an important factor job seekers are considering when deciding to accept a new job. The share of job seekers who chose job security as the most important motivator when deciding to accept a new job rose to 18%. This is up from 14.3% in Aerotek’s Spring Job-Seeker Survey and 15.3% in our Q4 2022 survey

Motivator Percent who viewed motivator as 'important'
Pay 86.4%
A Positive and Supportive Company Culture 83.7%
Job Security 83.2%
Potential for Career Advancement 77.7%
The Work is Interesting or Challenging 60.9%

Compared to respondents of Aerotek’s Spring Job-Seeker Survey, job seekers reporting full-time employment decreased from 59% to 48%, while the share reporting to have been laid off in the last three months grew from 3.2% to 6.1%. Meanwhile, the number of unemployed job seekers responding to the Summer survey ticked up nearly 2% from this Spring. These findings emphasize the evolving dynamics of the employment landscape.

Job Seekers Remain Hopeful, Passionate About Their Work

Still, a majority of job seekers — 62.7% — say they remain hopeful that they will find a job that matches their goals and skills in the next three months.

How hopeful are you about finding a job that matches your goals and skills in the next 3 months? Percent
Not hopeful 9.66%
Neutral 27.66%
Hopeful 62.68%

Job seekers also enjoy the work they're doing. When asked to describe their feelings towards their current or most recent jobs, 65.4% of respondents say they enjoyed the work and the employer. 

About The Research

Aerotek’s Summer Job-Seeker Survey was conducted as an independent online survey. 1,437 job seekers were asked about their career ambitions and employer preferences. Respondents were located in the U.S. and completed the survey between August 4 and August 22, 2023. The survey targeted job seekers who were applying for work in calendar year 2023 and seeking jobs in the sectors Aerotek serves, including manufacturing, robotics and automation, facilities and maintenance, distribution and logistics, construction and other industries.

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