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5 Resources to Help Make Your Remote Work Successful

remote working

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, workers are overcoming new challenges during a time of rapid change. One of the most common changes is adjusting to work in a new setting: your home.

To help with this transition, we’ve highlighted several quality resources:

Staying Productive and Mentally Healthy

One of the first challenges you may experience is overcoming the distractions of working from home. This article identifies ways to stay productive and focused while working remotely.

Maintaining Participation and Engagement

This useful tip sheet will ensure you know all the equipment needed to work from home, and the advice about the social nuances of working with your colleagues remotely is extremely insightful.

Balancing Work With Childcare

Working from home with children presents different challenges. This video gives you tips on how to plan your days to achieve optimal balance between professional and family responsibilities.

Sharing an Office With a Roommate

If working from home means sharing an office with your roommate, here are a few tips on how to do it effectively while maintaining a comfortable relationship.

Managing Remote Workers

Are you leading a team? Mangers will need to adapt how they communicate with their support staff to best meet the demands of their new dynamic. This article provides tips on how to keep the team connected and engaged away from the office.


Working from home is new for many of us, and very few of us have worked with spouses and children nearby. With a little help and preparation, we can all maintain our sanity while staying safe. If you have any questions or need more resources, please reach out to your recruiter. We’re here to help!