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Aerotek Delivers Contract Staffing Solutions for Medical Device Leader

A modern laboratory setting with no human presence, featuring multiple workstations. Each station includes a computer displaying graphical data, surrounded by various high-tech equipment and machinery for scientific analysis or experiments. The room has a clean and professional appearance with blue flooring and white walls, complemented by bright lighting that ensures clear visibility of the precise setup.

Client Profile

Our client is a world leader within the medical device industry, with revenues of more than $30 billion and approximately 95,000 employees globally. As an organization, our client conducts research, designs, manufactures, and sells healthcare instruments and technologies. Their mission is to accelerate access to healthcare technologies and promote a healthier community.


The Challenge

At their corporate headquarters for sensor production, our client was facing a variety of issues with their contract staffing program. External supply chain issues and the subsequent lack of necessary equipment to manufacture their products, meant our client was unable to maintain steady production levels. This resulted in contract employees being underutilized in their current roles and an overarching lack of engagement across the workforce. This lack of engagement led to serious attendance issues, among other problems.

These factors led to further disruption of their already compromised production schedules. Our client needed a partner who could help reengage their contract workforce, provide guidance on health and safety practices, and serve as a strategic partner as they continued to navigate the impact of supply chain issues.

Aerotek's Solution

To provide our client with the necessary level of support needed to address their current concerns, Aerotek worked with our client to implement a program solution centered around three key pillars:

  • Contractor Engagement & Retention
  • Health & Safety Excellence
  • Operational Efficiencies

Contractor Engagement & Retention

To bolster contractor engagement and retention, Aerotek worked with our client to develop a contractor incentive plan to recognize and encourage high performance. Through this initiative, Aerotek’s on-premise team began hosting recognition events for contractors through measures such as:

  • Celebrating contractor birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Monthly raffle drawings for contractors with perfect attendance
  • Providing popsicles and on-site lunches during ramp seasons
  • Providing contractors with referral bonuses for successful referrals they made

Additionally, Aerotek worked with our client to establish formal attendance policies and implement an on-site UKG timekeeping system. Through the implementation of a timekeeping system, not only were contractors able to easily log their working hours, but our client gained increased visibility into their contract workforce. This increased operation visibility for site leadership helped our client to make more proactive business decisions during their busy seasons.

Health & Safety Excellence

To assist our client in the development and implementation of improved health and safety protocols, Aerotek leveraged the expertise of our dedicated Health and Safety team to conduct a health and safety audit revealing areas of improvement for our client. Following the conclusion of this audit, Aerotek was able to work with the client to address issues tied to injury reporting procedures and implement stretching guidelines aimed at reducing injuries attributed to standing for long durations. Additionally, this team established a regular reporting and meeting cadence to review injury data to ensure continuous program improvements and success.

Operational Efficiencies

As a result of the ongoing supply chain issues, our client believed the best solution to address their current underutilized contract workforce was to conduct layoffs. Aerotek used our deep understanding of our client’s operational structure to instead recommend that our client retain these employees by deploying them to other understaffed departments. Retaining these employees allowed our client to maintain a workforce with a working knowledge of their products and avoid additional training costs when sensor production needs increased.


Over the course of one year, Aerotek was able to maintain an average headcount of 250 contractors with an average retention rate of 97%. Additionally, Aerotek’s suggestion of reallocating current underutilized contractors to other departments provided continuous employment to 100+ contractors who would have otherwise been laid off.