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Expanding Niche Talent Pipelines With Creative Solutions

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Client Profile

Aerotek’s client is one of the world's largest suppliers of aerospace and defense products and is engaged in designing, manufacturing and servicing systems and components for commercial, regional, business and military aircraft, helicopters and other platforms as well as being a major supplier to international space programs.


To keep up with production demands, our client needed to drastically increase the size of their workforce, but a shortage of local qualified talent was putting them at risk of falling behind. Aerotek's geographic footprint and specialized recruiting teams were able to expand our client's talent search granting them access to the caliber of talent their workforce needed to succeed.



Our client, a leading supplier of aerospace and defense products, had more than 300 machinists in their workforce and needed to hire an additional 180. Due to challenging market conditions, and the specific machinists our client needed, their internal talent acquisition team was spending an abundant amount of time focused solely on internal direct placement hiring with the intention of retaining qualified talent long-term.

The team's siloed focus on local, direct placement talent greatly limited the available candidate pool and led to the hired employees not having the requisite skill level needed to drive the client’s business goals and meet customer demands. This resulted in a continuous struggle to identify and onboard the quantity of talent needed, creating a major delay in production timelines and, ultimately, affecting their ability to deliver on the expectations of their end-customers.


Aerotek's account team consulted with our client on creative and effective solutions to remedy their production backlog and develop new sourcing and recruiting methods to fulfill on their machinist job requirements. In order to augment the recruitment efforts of our local office, Aerotek leveraged recruitment support from one of our U.S.-based Strategic Recruiting Centers (SRC). This center is comprised of highly experienced skilled trades recruiters, who specialize in sourcing qualified talent for our clients' niche positions.

Because the client's market alone was not yielding the necessary talent, Aerotek also involved our corporate immigration team in order to relocate 50+ U.S. citizens with the skills required to support the client's production needs. The partnership between the SRC and Immigration, in conjunction with support from Aerotek’s local offices, gave our client access to the quality talent they needed in order to meet company production goals.


By acting as a consultative partner to our client, Aerotek was able to develop a multi-prong recruiting and sourcing strategy that gained our client access to a wider talent pool. As a non-franchised organization, we were able to leverage local, remote and corporate resources to build a talent pipeline that was comprised not only of the quantity, but the caliber of candidates this client needed to get back on track.