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How Upskilling Can Ease the Skills Gap Dilemma

The skilled labor shortage is the dominant barrier to growth affecting North American businesses. Companies must replace a generation of skilled workers approaching retirement and avoid burdening less experienced employees with additional work. They must also address new in-demand skills created by advances in automation. Proactive companies are responding by investing more resources into upskilling strategies designed to close the talent gaps in their workforce.


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This graphic reflects the recently reported data that 74% of companies acknowledge that upskilling their workforce is critical to their success over the next 18 months. However, only 10% of businesses state they are well prepared to act.


Executive Spokesperson: Sara Staggs, Vice President, Strategic Operations

Stanley Johnson, Strategic Account Executive

Mike Mulheron, Business Development Executive

Blake Poore, Recruiting Practice Lead

John Piver, Strategic Delivery Executive

Andy So, Managed Resources Senior Manager

Dan Stiles, Director of Strategic Sales

Michael Stollsteimer, Managed Resources Program Manager

Michael Del Bianco, Senior Account Recruiting Manager

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