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How to Select a Staffing Agency to Fill Medical Device Jobs

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In a candidate-driven labor market, many businesses are struggling to fill positions. This includes medical device companies that need workers to assemble, package and ship their products. These companies may also need people who are willing to work in a cleanroom environment

If you’ve got a medical device job opening you urgently need to fill, it might be time to reach out to a staffing agency. Partnering with a staffing firm can help your company build a larger pool of candidates by promoting the job opening to the public. Staffing agencies have different methods for sourcing workers. It’s important to know what to look for before establishing a relationship.

Aerotek Practice Lead Mathew Novak has helped businesses find the right workers for over 8 years. He explains how medical device companies should approach their search for a staffing partner. 

Set your goals and expectations for working with a staffing agency

Having a clear goal in mind is a must before evaluating a staffing agency. These goals should be set with an understanding of your job market and competition. 

Think about your job openings and ask yourself the following questions:
What are your expectations for working with a staffing partner?
Are you staffing for temporary positions or a long-term fill?
What companies are you competing against for applicants? 
Are you willing to train an entry-level candidate, or do you need someone with previous medical device or cleanroom experience?

Conducting some research makes it simpler for you to narrow down your selection of agencies. It also makes it easier for your new staffing partners to promote the position.


Consider current job market trends

While setting your goals, consider how current hiring trends may present challenges. Novak mentions this is where a quality staffing firm can provide industry insight to help guide your approach. 

“Setting goals is important, but you have to know what’s going on in the current labor market,” says Novak.

For example, medical device companies often want to directly hire workers. A quality staffing firm can provide insights about the workers you’re looking for and what types of opportunities they’re seeking.

“For entry-level positions, we’re seeing a lot of people quit. Even if they want a long-term position, they’re likely to switch jobs if a competitor is offering a better wage. In these conditions, direct hires can cause retention issues very quickly,” says Novak.

Ask your potential staffing partners how they track market trends and shifts in job seeker motivations. It can give you an idea if staffing agency is knowledgeable about your industry.

Select an agency with experience in the medical device industry

In theory, any staffing agency can promote your openings. In practice, it’s better to select an agency with experience in the medical device field. 

“My team is niched in the medical device field and there are a lot of industry regulations. If an agency doesn’t know the industry it can be a struggle to fill positions,” says Novak.

Research your potential staffing partners to see if they are currently working to fill roles similar to your job openings. Also, look for signs that they have insight into the hiring trends of your job market and existing connections to nearby workers.

“Our recruiting teams are focused on only 2-3 skill sets daily. We’re networking with workers and finding out what they need. We also know who’s hiring and can connect them to the right company based on their goals skills and interests,” says Novak. 

Look for a staffing partner that understands the unique challenges of the medical device industry. They should also understand what currently motivates job seekers. You can use this information to make more confident hiring decisions. 

Ask about the agency's process

Every agency has their own methodology for finding talent and understanding your business. Even though your company will have the final say in who’s hired, ask questions. Ask about how they screen through resumes and how they find job candidates. These are all important questions that’ll influence your company, so be sure to ask them when you’re evaluating an agency.

“Our recruiters are specialized and focused on one industry. We’re constantly screening and networking to find the skill sets companies need. We’re not looking for just any worker, we’re looking for the right worker,” says Novak.

Before your medical device company partners with a staffing agency, make sure to have a goal in mind and do as much research as you can before deciding.  

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