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How to Start a Career in Warehouse Logistics

In a warehouse, a man wearing a dark blue shirt inspects boxes while holding a clipboard.

Is the logistics industry growing?

The distribution & logistics industry is forecasted to grow as companies aim to reduce the time it takes to get products to the consumer. Warehouse logistics jobs are a crucial part of the supply chain and can offer a career of opportunity. 

How to become a logistics coordinator

To better understand what it takes to become a logistics coordinator, we spoke with Account Recruiting Manager, Janet Aguirre. She has over 3 years of experience in helping job seekers find the right warehouse position for their career. She provides a few tips on how to become a logistics coordinator and how an employment agency can help. 

Logistics coordinator requirements

Being a logistics coordinator isn’t an entry-level position. Significant warehouse experience is a key logistics coordinator requirement. Understanding how warehouses typically operate is critical to a logistics coordinator’s job. It’s also a role that may require you to be a generalist or be able to perform a wide range of duties. Have three to four years of warehouse experience can help you stand out amongst candidates. 

“It takes some warehouse experience to get to a logistics coordinator job because they oversee communication between the warehouse and to the back-office team. They need to understand how many workers are needed in each shift to get out the number of orders or productions promised to the client. It involves a lot of communication and complete knowledge of the warehouse,” says Aguirre. 

What should I put on my resume for logistics coordinator?

You may have the drive and enthusiasm to do very well in a warehousing logistics career; however, the reality is that you need specific credentials to obtain a particular job. That’s not by accident – employers want to ensure the person they hire is the best qualified for the job. 
Try to update your resume – get more experience, more education, whichever you need to be a better fit for logistic coordinator job openings. 

Logistics coordinator resume examples

Aguirre says applicants should list the following on resumes for logistic coordinator jobs:

  • Management or supervisory experience with small or large teams.
  • Three or more years of warehouse experience
  • Computer skills
  • Any experience or skills operating inventory systems
  • Experience with warehouse equipment like forklifts and scanners

What are the key skills for logistics coordinator jobs?

During logistics coordinator job interviews, candidates should focus on their communication and planning skills to help land the job. 

“Communication is one of the most important skills, but awareness and planning are also valuable. Teams are going to come to the logistics coordinator wanting to know the plan for the day or week. Planning is important because they help determine how many workers are needed, which could mean working with an employment agency,” says Aguirre.

Also be sure to speak to your experience working in teams and resolving conflicts. Logistic coordinators typically work directly with clients, so being able to explain delays or errors is a valuable trait. 

How can a logistics job recruiter help you?

Don’t underestimate the value a quality logistics job recruiter can bring to your job search. Logistics job recruiters can provide valuable insight into what distribution and logistics employers are looking for. If you’re actively seeking a job, they may have connections to positions of interest for you. If there’s a recruiter at your school or in your community, don’t hesitate to ask them questions.

“Recruiters know the market and know how many logistics coordinator positions might be available in our respective market. We’re able to let you know if you’re a good fit based on your skills, goals and interest. We can help you communicate effectively with the company so you’re highlighting the skills they want. Whether it's aerospace, food manufacturing or another industry — we can help you speak to the right experiences and help you get the job,” says Aguirre.

Start your career in warehouse logistics today

Now is a great time to explore logistic coordinator jobs. It’s also a good goal to set for yourself when you want to advance your warehousing career, but don’t have the required experience. Be sure to look for similar job titles like logistics manager or logistics analyst. 

Search our job board today for the latest logistics coordinator job openings.