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Preventative Maintenance Program Stabilizes Operations, Increases Machine Runtime for Global Beverage Manufacturer

A maintenance worker in overalls and a blue hard hat works on something with his hands

Client Profile

Aerotek’s client is an American multinational beverage manufacturer. This company's portfolio of brands is sold in over 200 countries.


Through our comprehensive maintenance services practice, we were able to help our client accomplish:

  • 86% Work order Completion Rate
  • 100% Emergency Repair Rate
  • Significant cost savings by utilizing our services and have extended facility operations through 2024



Our customer’s high-priority facility in Tampa, FL was responsible for producing drinks and mixes for several marquee brands and restaurants across North America. To achieve long-term organizational cost savings our customer began exploring alternative manufacturing options. In 2021, they made the strategic decision to decommission this facility and outsource production to a third party. This decision accelerated several of their challenges including a decrease in production and increased worker attrition. Our customer prioritized outsourcing their preventative maintenance functions so they could focus on their production maintenance programs. This would allow the customer to better meet their production standards.


After negotiating project deliverables, Aerotek began operating at our customer’s facility in June 2021. Aerotek placed a maintenance manager onsite to handle all maintenance program needs during the decommissioning process including performance management, day-to-day oversight and onboarding and facility training. Aerotek sourced a team of 18 maintenance technicians and mechanics to report up to the maintenance manager. Their responsibilities include processing and completing all work orders prior to closure.

Each maintenance worker onsite gained access to our customer’s internal Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and technologies to ensure smooth operations. Aerotek implemented Kronos timeclocks to track employee performance and productivity to meet all production deadlines, additionally we conduct regular performance reviews with the local general manager to confirm milestones are being hit according to our agreed upon project deliverables.


By working with Aerotek, our customer has stabilized their maintenance operations, increased machine run time and the customer is better able to meet production goals consistently and efficiently. Aerotek is also helping to fill talent gaps in their production maintenance program. 

As a result of our partnership, our customer has elected to continue operations at this facility through the end of 2024. They have also planned to release new products from this facility to continue serving key end customers. 

Due to the success of our maintenance program, Aerotek has been able to reach multiple benchmarks for our customer. Our workforce is operating at a 90% utilization rate across 
the facility, and we have reported a work order successful completion rate of 86% with a goal of pushing successful maintenance order fulfillment to 90%. Aerotek has also increased the work order completion rate from the original range of 48 to 52 percent to 80 percent. 

The facility’s busiest line was originally running at an efficiency rate of 36 to 40 percent and has improved to 48 to 50 percent. Aerotek’s emergency repair rate — repairs identified and fixed within an eight-hour shift — is 100% (when parts are available).