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Prioritize the Candidate Experience to Win in Today’s Job Market

smiling woman meeting new colleague

Employers in 2019 are facing the most challenging job market in recent memory. During the last year alone, unemployment hit a 49-year low, companies added 18 percent more jobs than in the previous year, the quit rate hit its highest level since 2001.

Navigating the new hiring reality is driving companies to adapt their established recruiting strategies to better motivate job seekers, emphasizing market-rate compensation, corporate culture and the candidate experience. Implementing these changes requires employers to be authentic, flexible, agile and aggressive.

See the full text of the article by Matt Bramblett, Aerotek Director of Strategic Delivery Solutions, at SIA Staffing Stream.

To learn more, download Aerotek’s recent white paper, Staffing Imperatives: What it Takes to Win in Today’s Unique Labor Market.