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Recruiter Secrets for Choosing the Right Job


Ever wondered if you’re on the right career path? How can you tell if your job makes the most of your talents?

Consulting with a recruiter is a great way to figure it out.

We asked an Aerotek recruiter how he helps jobseekers find the right fit. By asking yourself these simple questions, it will help you to choose the right job for you.

1. Are there opportunities to learn new skills?

“Typically, I ask contractors a couple questions to get a sense of what they value in their work lives: ‘What are the three most important things to you in a new job?’ and ‘What separates one job from another for you?’”

He says that most of the people he interviews want jobs that provide them with opportunities to learn new skills. Erica Murphy of Levo League agrees that learning is an important component of job satisfaction for most people.

“No matter what job or industry you’re in, you should always be learning,” says Murphy. “Whether it’s a brand-new skill or strengthening an old one, learning is a sign that there’s still more to gain in your role. Once you lose your desire to grow, that’s a sign that you might need to make a change.”

2. What communication style do I prefer?

Jobseekers also prefer jobs where there is an opportunity for open communication with their managers. A recent Gallup poll confirms how important it is for managers to be good communicators.

“Gallup has found that consistent communication — whether it occurs in person, over the phone or electronically — is connected to higher engagement,” write Jim Harter and Amy Adkins, for the Harvard Business Review.


“For example, employees whose managers hold regular meetings with them are almost three times as likely to be engaged as employees whose managers do not hold regular meetings with them,” say Harter and Adkins. Furthermore, Gallup’s poll revealed that employees who have daily communication, regardless of whether it’s in-person or electronically, are the most highly engaged of all.

3. Am I passionate about the job?

Employees are happiest in jobs that provide them with feelings of accomplishment.

“You want the sense that you did something useful, that you did something you knew was going to impact or help someone else. If you go to sleep thinking about that, then it likely means you’re going to wake up excited for what you’re going to accomplish next,” Murphy explains.

The most fortunate employees have careers they’re passionate about.

“Just because you’re good at a job, doesn’t mean that’s what you should be doing,” says Brian Lee of Lifehack.

“If you could do one thing to transform your life, I would highly recommend it be to find something you’re passionate about, and do it for a living,” says Lee.

4. How do I want to feel at work?

“Even if you don’t know what you want to do, knowing how you want to feel at work is almost as important,” says Aerotek’s recruiter. “Recruiters can work with those intangibles to see what opportunities are the best fit for you.

If you just want to put your head down and work, then maybe that front desk job isn’t a fit for you; on the flip side, if you love talking to people, then maybe that back office job isn’t right for you, even if job duty-wise they are very similar.”

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