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Amanda is the best account manager I have ever worked with in the staffing industry. She is extremely organized and communicative. Amanda follows up on every candidate submitted, explains their experience and qualifications and continues to communicate after placement. We've hired on quite a few Aerotek candidates in the past year and Amanda continues to support them after hire as well. She finds the time to stop out to our company to check in and makes her presence known, but not in a pushy way. Amanda is so in tune with the type of candidate that we seek that she proactively sends us candidates whenever she comes across someone with the niche experience that we require, even if we don't have an opening. We actually made a hire this year for an engineer that we didn't have an opening for just for that reason ... and the employee is working out perfectly.
— Amy
Three yellow hard hats

Our account manager is so in tune with the candidates we seek that she proactively sends us candidates with the niche experience we require.