COVID-19 Resources

Have questions about hiring staff or finding a job during the coronavirus pandemic?
Aerotek has built resources and FAQs to help employers and job seekers navigate COVID-19, including remote hiring and staying safe at work.

COVID-19 has created new challenges for employers and job seekers alike. Companies need updated processes to hire and manage workers — whether onsite or remote — to keep them safe, engaged and productive. 

Aerotek has tapped the expertise of our Health and Safety resources, compliance teams and staffing experts to help our clients and contract employees adjust and thrive in this new environment.

For Employers

As we navigate these uncertain times, we understand the extraordinary burdens that have been placed on our businesses and our communities. The health and safety of our employees — and yours — is our top priority, in addition to ensuring we maintain critical business functions to serve our contractor employees and clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Aerotek support remote staffing?
In these unprecedented times, sustaining business operations is one of the top priorities. In many cases, this requires shifting the entire employment process to a remote environment. Aerotek has established guidelines for remote sourcing, screening and can support your remote staffing needs.

How can Aerotek support remote interviewing?
We can facilitate interviews for you using our technology, Webex and Microsoft Teams. You can read our guidelines for leading a successful video interview here.

Can Aerotek support high-volume hiring for warehouse, customer support and other needs?
Yes. With a team of 3,500 recruiters and proven processes to ensure consistent delivery for high-volume hiring needs, Aerotek can support hiring, screening and compliance for high-volume recruiting. We currently support several high-volume engagements, including contact tracing programs and onsite industrial hiring.  

How is Aerotek handling I-9 requirements for new contract employees?
Aerotek teams responsible for onboarding documentation are well-trained in conducting remote background and screening checks, including I-9 clearance based on recent National Emergency modifications issued by the Department of Homeland Security. We have an established process to accept electronic acknowledgement of pre-employment onboarding forms to ensure background checks will continue.

How is Aerotek handling required paid time off for contractors who become ill?
We ask that our contract employees inform their Aerotek representative as soon as possible if their ability to work changes. The Aerotek representative will help determine the available PTO or sick leave that could be applied during this time. Employees will then coordinate with the HR business partner on safe return-to-work plans.

How is Aerotek handling paycheck distribution for contract employees?
Aerotek offers our contract employees multiple options for receiving their paychecks, including direct deposit, debit cards or mailed paper checks. Due to local office closures, live checks are mailed directly from our corporate office in Baltimore, MD.

Can Aerotek provide laptops, telephones and other necessary hardware and software for remote positions?
Through Aerotek’s Managed Resources offering, we can provision remote equipment, including asset delivery and return. If you need support in onboarding, offboarding and managing your remote team, reach out to us about our Remote Workforce Solutions.


For Aerotek Talent and Job Seekers

Everyone is facing new challenges as COVID-19 forces us to change how we live and work. Aerotek is responding to these challenges by equipping workers with health and safety tips and offering job seekers advice on how to find new opportunities in a rapidly changing job market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aerotek hiring?
Yes. We’re working to fill thousands of positions for great companies across various industries. Start searching for your next opportunity.

What types of jobs are most in demand?
Most skill set categories continue to hire, and there’s high demand for customer service, production, lab data entry and administrative roles. There’s also strong demand for skilled trades professionals like forklift operators and maintenance mechanics.

Are you currently hiring for remote positions?
We have remote positions available across engineering, sciences, professional and industrial fields, but they make up a small percentage of our total assignments. However, we’re anticipating sudden pockets of demand for remote workers such as coronavirus contract tracers, collections agents and more. Job seekers can visit our Career Site to set up job alerts to receive notifications about remote jobs that match your skills and interests. 

Can Aerotek help me prepare for a virtual interview or screening?
Yes. Our recruiters can guide you through the technical requirements and best approaches to video interviewing and screening. You can read our most recent video interviewing tips here.

How is Aerotek ensuring contractor safety at the workplace?
Aerotek representatives are working with our clients to understand their safety protocols, and our Health & Safety representatives are working with many clients to build their safety strategies. Our recruiters let contractors know what precautions will be taken at their worksite, such as face masks, gloves and other PPE or mandatory temperature exams. Contractors are also informed of other risk factors like their proximity to coworkers. In some cases, we can request remote work if available. We have also established a Safety Hotline so our contractors can report any unsafe working conditions they notice.

How would accepting a contract position affect my unemployment benefits?
Unemployment rules and regulations vary by state. Job seekers will need to contact your state’s unemployment office for guidance on how accepting a contract assignment may affect benefits.

Do you work with job seekers who are currently furloughed?
We do work with furloughed employees. Learn the details of how we help furloughed workers explore contracting to overcome short and long-term challenges here: How to Explore Contracting While Furloughed.

Does Aerotek offer a healthcare plan?
We offer a comprehensive healthcare package (medical, dental and vision) to contractors who work a minimum of 20 hours a week. For new hires, benefit coverage begins on the first of the month following or coinciding with their date of hire.

What is Aerotek’s sick leave policy?
Sick leave policies vary by client and assignment. If you apply for a job and are considered for the position, your recruiter will be able to answer questions about sick leave during your initial phone interview.

What kind of support do you offer to workers with childcare needs?
We try to accommodate contractors who have childcare concerns that may impact their work schedule availability. We do our best to find a schedule that works for our clients and our contractors whenever possible; options may include overnight or other alternative shifts.

If hired, what can I expect once I’ve reached the end of my contract?
Our recruiters maintain contact with contractors throughout the duration of the assignment to communicate any changes to your end date and whether the client wishes to convert your contract to a full-time hire (which may happen to contract and contract-to-permanent jobs, depending on the client’s need). Our goal is to work with you before your end date to place you in another role as soon as your current assignment comes to an end.

Aerotek has created a collection of original content and curated information from reputable resources to help prepare you for your next opportunity, and to keep you healthy and safe wherever your workplace may be. 


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