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The 3 Benefits of Using Warehouse Staffing Agencies For Solutions to Labor Shortages

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How to Address a Warehouse Labor Shortage

While the job market is slowly recovering from COVID and the Great Resignation, warehouse labor shortages are still prevalent. Many industries, especially the warehousing sector, still need help finding enough employees to fill vacant positions

Warehouse employers have several options at their disposal to address a labor shortage. However, working with warehouse employment agencies can help companies identify the right options for their situation. We spoke with several Aerotek executives and directors to learn more about the benefits of using warehouse staffing agencies for solutions to labor shortages.

The 3 Benefits of Using Warehouse Staffing Agencies

1. Cost Effectiveness 

A labor shortage can often mean a drop in production, which impacts your ability to reach your business goals. Additionally, any extra time spent on hiring can also negatively impact the business. Offloading these responsibilities to warehouse staffing agencies is an effective solution to a labor shortage as it can result in shorter hiring timelines and increased productivity.

“I'd absolutely say the warehouse labor shortage has changed how companies view their hiring process. Traditionally, staffing partners were seen as an overhead cost or a commodity. Now it’s more of a true strategic partnership where companies are more open to changing how they acquire talent and utilizing staffing agencies on a contract to hire program,” says Aerotek Strategic Account Executive Joe Parisi.

2. Warehouse Staffing Agencies Have a Network of Talented Candidates

Quality warehouse recruitment agencies will have access to a network of qualified professionals. They can vet a field of candidates quickly, allowing you the time to focus on other goals. If you require a specialized warehouse skill set — for example, a forklift driver with experience handling a particular product — chances are the staffing agency can connect you to the right person in its network. 

Aerotek Practice Lead Liz Wellman has over 16 years of staffing experience. She explains the value of working with a staffing partner to expand your candidate pool and find warehouse labor shortage solutions. 

“Many companies rely on just putting up the job postings. Whereas we have recruiters that are specifically recruiting for these skill sets, especially on the maintenance side for warehouses. We can partner with a company and share our massive database of candidates to help them fill these roles quickly,” says Wellman.

3. They Specialize in Temporary Hires

With the potential for an economic downturn on the horizon, many nervous applicants might be looking for an additional job to ride out the recession. You might struggle to find talent for extra volume or seasonal work. Warehouse staffing agencies specialize in providing temporary labor shortage solutions— though some may also have arrangements for the employee to sign on full-time if it works out. 

Temporary employees from warehouse recruitment agencies will usually have experience entering a busy work environment. They may need less training time and can hit the ground running to handle the increased demand on your warehouse floor. Then you can choose to bring them aboard for longer or let their employment agreement expire. 

How to Get Started Working with a Warehouse Staffing Agency

If you’ve read everything above and think a warehouse staffing agency could provide a valuable warehouse labor shortage solution, here are the steps you can take to start working with them. 

1. Research your options

You might have several warehouse staffing solutions available. Be sure to read up on them. Make sure they are from an employment agency that specializes in warehouses. Ask about companies and positions they’ve staffed in the past. A reputable warehouse staffing agency will gladly provide you with answers to any questions you have and offer testimonies as well. 

2. Have a description of your ideal candidate ready

Once you’ve decided on a warehouse staffing agency for your needs, be prepared to answer a few questions. They’ll ask you to describe your ideal candidate and the position. The more specific the information you provide the staffing agency, the better they’ll be at finding a candidate that matches your requirements. Common information they’ll need is a job description, the amount of required experience and relevant certifications, and the length of time for the position. 

Senior Director of Strategic Sales B.J. Lennon, who has over 27 years of staffing experience, also recommends highlighting a current employee that has the traits you’re looking for as an example.

“We work with clients to build a success profile for candidates. Clients tell us about their best workers and the traits they possess. We also want to know what hasn’t worked out in the past,” says Lennon. 

3. Review the services provided

All staffing agencies are unique, so make sure the warehouse staffing solutions they offer align with your business needs. Some agencies may handle onboarding, screening and other compliance responsibilities. Make sure that you understand their offerings and how they are designed to help you meet your unique goals.

Interested in Working with A Warehouse Staffing Agency? 

Contact us today to learn more about our warehouse workforce solutions and how we can provide you with labor shortage solutions.