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4 Signs You Need to Outsource Recruiting

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When you’re company is ready to expand its workforce, promoting the position to potential talent will have key benefits, according to HR Daily Advisor. The process may seem simple at first, but people often overlook how demanding recruiting can be. It takes several personnel to advertise the job, sift through applications and interview applicants, and then onboard the new hires. Fortunately, there are ways to outsource recruiting if you need it. Here are the four key signs that might be the best option for you. 


1. You Haven't Brought in the Right Candidate

If you’ve gone through several candidates who weren’t a good fit, or it took a very long time to reach a quality candidate, the problem might be the recruiting strategy reports Forbes. There’s an art to marketing jobs, especially with the ever-changing algorithms of Google, Facebook, and Instagram, where jobs are increasingly marketed. That’s why recruitment firms are considered the experts because they know how to promote the job to the talent you’re looking for. 

2. You Don't Have an HR Department

Recruiting requires specific knowledge and training to be effective. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce states that if you don’t have personnel trained in marketing, you’ll need to build a human resources team from the ground up or seek a staffing partner.   

3. You're Understaffed and Can't Keep Up

Even if you do have a steady in-house recruiting department, there may be times in the cyclical economy when they may not bring in employees quickly enough to keep up with demand. Recruiting agencies can help pick up some of the slack so you don’t fall behind; they can help you bring in temporary hands to help. 

4. You Need a Particular Type of Talent

If you need a particularly niche candidate, one with a certain qualification or experience, you’ll need to be very savvy in how you promote to these individuals. In this case, you may be better off going to a recruiting agency. They may have a candidate with the experience you need on their roster, waiting and ready to go. 

Why You Should Outsource Recruiting

There are several reasons you should consider outsourcing your recruiting, regardless of the size of your company. It can take some stress off your team, especially a smaller one without a dedicated HR department. A recruiting firm can also help you bring in talent with specific skills, saving you time and resources from having to launch a detailed search for them yourself. And whether you need temporary or long-term staffing, a recruiting firm can help pick up the slack or identify a problem if your own recruiting just isn’t cutting it. 

When you’re ready to outsource your recruiting efforts, contact us and let us know more about your workforce challenges.