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Aerotek Services Provides Site Support Services to a Large General Contractor

The photo captures a construction site bathed in sunlight. Against a backdrop of a clear blue sky with scattered clouds, a large building is taking shape. The focus is on the steel framework, which stands tall and intricate. Several cranes are actively engaged in lifting materials, emphasizing the industrious nature of the scene. The foreground features dirt and gravel, signifying ongoing groundwork. Overall, it portrays progress, architectural evolution, and the energy of construction.

Client Profile

In 2023, a partnership was formed by two prominent general contractors to help build a large electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing facility in North America. Both general contractors are leading providers of construction services across the continent. The facility is a major investment in the United States to increase its EV battery production. It was expected to need over 16,000 construction workers from different subcontractors to help finish the project. 


Our client sought a cost-effective solution that included site cleanup for their self-performed carpentry work and grounds maintenance for the project site. This would allow them to concentrate on their core responsibilities while ensuring smooth progress and improving site safety. Moreover, our client needed a partner to recruit a local workforce, support operations, oversee logistical assets, and maintain compliance, while keeping overall authority.


Aerotek’s Construction Support Services team successfully developed a comprehensive solution to address our client’s specific challenges and requirements. Our team collaborated closely with the client, providing world-class service throughout the project lifecycle — from execution and delivery to optimization and project completion. As an integral part of our solution, we assigned a client engagement manager (CEM) to seamlessly integrate with the client’s management team and provide on-site support for the required services.

Aerotek provided comprehensive operational support, including workforce recruitment, compliance with all client and owner-specific pre-employment requirements and safety orientations. To ensure that project demands were met, our CEM collaborated directly with the client, attending staff and production meetings, providing operational updates and exceptional customer service.

On the jobsite, our foremen were responsible for supervising our workers to ensure that they met daily objectives and directives set by our client. They also regularly reported to our CEM to ensure effective oversight of overall performance.

To provide logistical assets support, Aerotek Construction Support Services acquired and oversaw the personal protective equipment (PPE) for our associates to meet the specific needs of the project. Furthermore, a physical UKG timekeeping solution was implemented to help provide insight into project health.

Additionally, Aerotek completed the Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) reporting for associates monthly. 


By outsourcing their site cleanup and grounds maintenance projects to Aerotek Construction Support Services, our client was able to focus on their core tasks and stay on schedule. Aerotek's recruiting backbone and processes enabled us to scale and meet the client's demands throughout the project. Aerotek achieved 99% accuracy in timekeeping and provided a 100% local workforce in a location with high demand for construction trades professionals. Aerotek also achieved 100% compliance with project requirements, and our services were competitively priced compared to outsourcing alternatives. To date, Aerotek has saved the client over $495,000 in labor costs.