11 Reasons Veterans Are Outstanding Employees

Crewman looking up at military aircraft in the sky.

Companies are taking note — hiring veterans of the United States Armed Forces comes with a host of benefits:

11. Veterans are trained for “mission accomplished”

Very few cultures have been engineered like the military, which focuses entirely on mission achievement, cooperation and personal development. There is no other culture in the world that shapes people like the military does.

10. They are natural leaders

The average age of a Marine is nineteen. At twenty, most Marines become non-commissioned officers who are placed in leadership positions. As they advance through military ranks, their leadership responsibility becomes greater and greater. So, if something needs to be done, they don’t wait to be told to do it.

9. Veterans take responsibilities seriously

Military personnel learn quickly that some decisions can have serious consequences. Additionally, many veterans have endured circumstances and challenges that civilians cannot imagine. The combination ensures that veterans are quite careful about carrying out their assigned responsibilities.

8. They are good decision makers

Vets know how to make a quick decision using good judgment. They come from a background where they didn’t always have the luxury of time to analyze a situation and weigh multiple options. They understand the importance of timely decision, and its impact on a team, or business.

7. They are forthright

Military personnel have a questioning and honest mentality, and are not afraid of telling their boss when an idea could use a second look.

6. Veterans are adaptable

When it comes to hiring veterans in the civilian workplace, employers appreciate that they are highly adaptable. Change is difficult for the general public, but not for veterans. They’re trained to adapt and to make sure their mission succeeds in changing circumstances.

5. They are respectful

Coming from a culture where respect is earned and valued, veterans respect corporate culture, leadership hierarchy and the contributions of their co-workers. They appreciate the value and benefits of working toward shared goals so everyone wins.

4. Their continuing education is paid for

As an added bonus for companies — the government pays for some veterans education benefits. The government provides some veterans with financial assistance for pursuing higher education while they are on the job.

3. Veterans have grit

Some veterans have faced adversity most people can’t imagine. Those experiences help veterans bring something special to a team that your average civilian cannot. And when they share their “can-do” attitude, this often results in the entire team performing better.

2. They know the meaning of hard work

When deployed, veterans work every day. There were no holidays, weekends or office parties — it was just hard work every day in order to get the task at hand accomplished.

1. Veterans are positive people

Veterans are trained to believe that whatever comes their way, they will have the ability to handle it. They learned to have faith and trust in their own ability, their unit and their command. A veteran with this kind of mentality can change the fiber of an organization.

When you add all of these benefits up, most companies find that hiring veterans is one of the smartest hiring choices they can make as an organization.

Aerotek, as well as our clients, greatly value the unique experience, skills and capabilities that our military service members and veterans bring to the civilian workforce. We are dedicated to helping these individuals understand how their military skills and expertise can be applied to positions within the many industries we serve. We are committed to supporting the unique needs of military spouses, partners, and family members who are seeking flexible employment opportunities. If you’re a veteran looking for a deeply rewarding career, we invite you to create an Aerotek career account, or check out our job board.