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Custom Onboarding and Reporting Solutions Power Growth of Global Technology Company

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Our client needed a partner who could meet their need for recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, reporting and travel management services to support their large-scale, national delivery program.


Through our Managed Resources model, we were able to:

  • Support operational efficiencies across more than 100 client sites
  • Provide an average of 18 contractor starts and five employee conversions per week
  • Successfully onboard more than 500 employees across client facilities


Our client, an American multinational technology company, focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming, artificial intelligence and more. They struggled to identify the technical personnel and program metric visibility needed to meet business demand across North America.


The company needed a strategic partner that could provide recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, reporting and travel management services to support their large-scale, national delivery program. It would be important for their new partner to understand their culture and smoothly integrate with their existing processes.


Our client chose to partner with Aerotek based on our ability to provide enhanced onboarding, logistical services, offboarding, reporting and personnel training to their more than 100 U.S. locations.

After meeting with our client to thoroughly understand pain points, business demands and day-to-day operations, we developed a custom facilities and maintenance services solution aligned to the company's business needs. In order to enhance processes, provide cost savings and drive operational efficiencies, our solution focused on several key areas:

  • Enhanced Onboarding: We customized an onboarding and orientation process to ensure employee information was entered properly into the client’s personnel management system, enhance and schedule client-requested skills testing and trainings for employees, and increase retention across customer locations.
    Now when new employees are onboarded, they receive an introduction to the company culture, facility policies and procedures, and performance-specific expectations to ensure they are prepared, safe and productive from Day One. To further streamline the onboarding experience and enable employees to quickly adapt to their new environment, we organize and assign a range of 17 computer-based trainings for all on-site employees prior to their badge certification.
  • Logistics: We coordinated travel management operations for our more than 40 employees traveling between our client's facilities. By tracking our employees' travel schedules and managing accommodations — including booking airfare, lodging, auto rentals a — we were able to save our client time and money. Aerotek handles all travel arrangements, confirmations and expenses, billing back to our customer on a monthly schedule.
  • Offboarding: To support our client with departing employees, we offboard any facility employee eliminated from our client’s program within a strict 24-hour timeframe. At a local level, our client's site managers conduct daily headcount checks through their personnel management system before each shift. We work within this system to ensure all offboarding deliverables are met so that daily headcount measurements are accurate and that we’re enabling business continuity and accountability across our client's facilities.
  • Reporting: Our robust reporting enables our client to monitor their budget, resource plan and our performance toward the criteria outlined in our scope of work. The custom reporting we deliver to our client includes weekly analyses of our financial, fulfillment and performance-based objectives. We also provide spend forecasting on a weekly basis and analysis of attrition and retention of facility employees, time-to-fill ratios, purchase order tracking and forecasting, and resource-based performance.


Aerotek supports the maintenance and operations of more than 100 of our client’s North American facilities. We maintain accountability for deliverables tied to recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, reporting and travel management for our customer’s large-scale, national delivery program. Our internal delivery team consistently provides our client with an average of 18 starts and five employee conversions per week, which translates to an average of 11,200 hours worked each week.

Through our partnership, we have increased onboarding efficiencies, successfully onboarding more than 500 employees since August 2020. Since the implementation of our facilities & maintenance solution, our client’s headcount needs per site have decreased substantially.

By enabling our client to efficiently meet their internal milestones and aggressive growth targets throughout 2020, Aerotek is one of two vendors supporting all of our client’s current and future facilities and maintenance projects, allowing us to continue expanding our support of their program nationwide.