4 Tips to Fully Thrive in Semi-Retirement

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If you’re retired, nobody can blame you for just kicking back, relaxing and enjoying it. You’ve earned that right.

Of course, you might not have that luxury, and you might not even want to. Studies from the Institute of Economic Affairs show that retirement from the workforce corresponds with increases in physical, mental, and emotional distress. Simply put, retirement can be hard. After all, it’s drastically different than getting up for a full day’s work every day for decades.

Perhaps that’s why many retirement-age Americans are choosing semi-retirement, branching out into part-time work in jobs that keep them active and engaged well into their senior years.

If you’re considering semi-retirement, keep the following in mind:

Choose your own adventure

For many, semi-retirement is less about building savings than it is about offsetting living expenses in an enjoyable way. In fact, U.S. News & World Report recently published a survey that said 19% of people working in semi-retirement don’t need an income at all, and only work for the enjoyment of it.

While you might not be one of those lucky 19%, having different income needs than a majority of the working population can result in a very interesting perk: cool jobs. Now that you’re looking to augment rather than build savings, you can explore more opportunities to do something you’ve always wanted to try. Get in touch with your artistic side by arranging flowers. Travel to beautiful places while working for the National Park Service. Try your hand at mechanical tinkering while doing appliance repair. The possibilities are wide open.

Look at industries that need you

Not sure where to start? One strategy to try is looking at industries where the average employee age is climbing, as these may have a more flexible attitude about part-time career options for semi-retired workers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top ten industries in terms of highest median age are:

  1. Personal and household goods repair and maintenance
  2. Funeral homes, and cemeteries and crematories
  3. Bus service and urban transit
  4. Retail florists
  5. Religious organizations
  6. Paper and paper products merchant wholesalers
  7. Wholesale electronic markets and agents and brokers
  8. Postal Service
  9. Commercial and service industry machinery manufacturing
  10. Aerospace product and parts manufacturing
What you bring to the table

If you’re entering the workforce as a semi-retired employee, there’s a good chance you’ll be one of the more experienced workers. Employers appreciate that experience — experience means you have wisdom to impart — and it’s something you can embrace as well. After all, aside from the mental and physical benefits of semi-retirement, there are social benefits too such as serving as a mentor for less experienced peers.

For more on how to bridge the generation gap in the workplace, visit our past blog post on the subject.

Learn more

Are you interested in pursuing a new career on a part-time, flexible or semi-retirement basis? Get a feel for what’s available the old-fashioned way: by reaching out to a fellow human being. There are plenty of experts in the staffing and hiring industry who can listen to your goals and match you with positions that fit your skills and experience. You don’t have to plan everything yourself.

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