Call Center Technology Spurs New Hiring Demand


Recent technological breakthroughs and a number of specific emphases in the market are expected to bring new levels of hiring to modern call centers in the near future. Many businesses are looking to hire large numbers of employees, some trying to fill thousands of roles at once.

Technological breakthroughs

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that one leader of a call center software development company saw a number of new improvements that will boost call center functionality. With an increasing number of technologies taking advantage of new levels of communication, workers will soon need to harness and use a number of different contact methods - including phone calls, texts and social media - to meet customers' needs. This is likely to drive growth in the near future as companies search for workers with these skills. A broken washing machine was one given example. If the machine sensed that it was broken, it could report that problem to manufacturers. Call center employees there would email and call the customer based on the specific repair needs.

Automation and predictive behavior are expected to be two of the biggest expansions of customer call center service in the near future as companies increasingly work to appeal to consumer needs. This will likely lead to call center employers looking for an expanded resume full of tech skills and stronger emphasis on multitasking. Companies want their employees to meet faster expectations from customers, making these skills only more important.

Additional focuses

CU Insight added that call centers will increasingly see new interests from their executives in an attempt to reach customers in a more personal and customized way. Whether they add new technology or refocus their worker training expectations, these centers will likely find a need for new employees. Organizations can now monitor every step of their customers' actions, which can help them gain better information about best call center practices.

Another important emphasis leading to wider hiring efforts is first-contact resolution, finding new methods of meeting customer expectations faster than ever. As such, they want workers who can see what customers may expect and what they may want when they call. In the long term, doing so may help push customer opinions of call center experiences higher, leading to an overall improvement in the industry's reputation.

Hiring up in many locations

As these improvements become more commonplace and visible, many companies are stepping up their respective hiring efforts. The Triad Business Journal reported that one call center in North Carolina is expected to add 500 employees to its current payrolls to meet the demands from a new telecommunications contract, in addition to another 500 employees currently working there.

Idaho's KTVB news station added that the Idaho Department of Labor has put a call center job fair into action, and 10 companies at the job fair may hire as many as 1,000 total employees in various companies.

One company is looking to hire so many employees that it's having trouble filling its initial needs. Myrtle Beach Online reported that StarTek, which aims to hire more than 600 new employees in the next few months ahead of the opening of a new call center, has struggled to find new employees because of the industry's new standards and expectations. That said, it has already attracted more than 2,000 total applications.