Confidence, Female Employment Both Up in Engineering Fields


Confidence among engineering employees was on the rise in the third quarter of 2013, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. A recent survey showed that worker confidence in the market is on the rise, with their metrics higher than other industries including finance, accounting, IT, health care and manufacturing.

Much of this confidence has been attributed to high demand for talented workers in a variety of different specializations. Quality engineering, controls engineering and process/manufacturing positions are expected to see the highest job growth in the coming year.

According to survey results, 43 percent of engineering professionals have faith that the economy is getting stronger, which is a rise of 3 points from second quarter results. Another 81 percent of workers believe they are unlikely to lose their jobs in the next year, which is an improvement of 8 points from the previous polling period.

Software engineering seeing higher female employment
In further good news for the engineering industry, the software engineering discipline is expected to improve for women in particular, according to Chicago Business. More than half of computer systems design and services jobs created in the past three months have been filled by women, as nearly 110,000 were hired in that period compared to just over 88,000 men in the same period. That's the first time in ten years that female employment has risen in three consecutive months in the industry.

What's more, while the number of women in engineering and computer science programs still remains well below intended levels, their ranks are growing at some schools. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, for instance, has seen their female computer science students increase to 20 percent in the last three years, while their computer engineering enrollment has doubled from 5 to 10 percent in that same amount of time.

Industry experts also noted that introductory positions in quality-assurance, which have long provided employees with an easier means to attain positions in software engineering and development, have increasingly seen women in their numbers. This means there is likely an incoming stream of female employees to further assist the closing of the industry's gender gap.

Mechanical engineering still in high demand
According to the Houston Chronicle, mechanical engineers remain in high demand in a variety of industries - what's more, open positions are in a number of specialties. According to the news source, one employer, Chevron, has more than a dozen different job listings with different titles, all of which are hoped to be filled by mechanical engineers. Many separate industries are hoping to improve their levels of the specific worker.

One hiring expert told the news source that strong demand for the workers is specifically concentrated in the manufacturing and oil and gas industries, all of which are looking for different skills. Workers with skill in design, technical sales, management and project leadership are in heavy demand from various employers. However, the strongest skills that employers are interested in include experience in project management, strong communication skills and computer aptitude, as well as experience in related employment fields.

What's more, mechanical engineering positions are beginning to be filled by workers who may not specifically excel in those fields. Aerospace and construction engineers, for example, have been known to perform strongly when working with both design teams and construction crews, making them key targets for hiring managers.

In addition, mechanical engineers have been hired in a variety of situations to help design and install improvements to projects, hoping to expand their production and reliability means.