The Upcoming Hiring Trends of 2014


As 2013 quickly draws to a close, many experts across a variety of industries are looking toward the future to see what trends will soon revolutionize their practices. Leaders in recruiting those who are job searching are no different. In the end of 2013 and the start of another year to come, seeing what's expected to lead the future can shed light on many practices.

According to Tech Cocktail, one trend that's soon to revolutionize looking for talent is a two-pronged approach. Workers in staffing services companies are still valuable resources, of course, but as they look for expert candidates, it's also a good idea to also market your company as well as possible to improve in-house efforts. If your company has a great reputation, flaunt it on your website and in any publicity opportunities as possible, and improving a less-than-stellar one is as simple as approaching and changing aspects of your business strategy that may not be as effective as intended. By building a reputation, you can better reach your audience.

In addition, as big data analysis becomes a more prevalent part of many companies' hiring strategies, it can improve yours as well. Seeing what the most prevalent results are in an average application can help anyone refine their searching abilities, whether it means asking for specific skills or changing the definition of a job. By doing this, you can ensure that you're attracting the best candidates possible.

Millennials becoming increasingly important
According to Entrepreneur, many Millennials are going to be in the job market in 2014. However, only 33 percent of hiring managers believe that today's college graduates are ready for the workforce - as a result, many are looking to hire experienced workers instead of filling their entry-level positions with new graduates. This doesn't mean that such workers are not considering for positions, but more that they may require additional vetting before they're offered a position.

However, many Millennials will likely rise to the occasion when it comes to finding a position - they'll have skills in technology that may prove beneficial in the long-run, especially in tech-minded companies.

For those companies that currently have successful Millennial workers, holding onto them is also soon to take new precedence in the hiring market. Unless they find the work they're doing to be interesting and challenging, many Millennials will be looking for greener pastures - whether it means new aspects of their positions or more perks in the workplace, preventing them from being poached from your company will be important.

Experienced workers and STEM challenges
As important as Millennials may be, having experienced workers is just as important, as they'll have the skills and knowledge to get through the toughest situations. Their hiring expectations will also be different than with Millennials, so it's important to appeal to their specific needs and connect with their needs.

Companies that have strong workforces in science, technology, engineering and mathematics will also need to keep an eye on their individual workers, according to the news source. Graduates and new workers in these fields are expected to be fewer than in previous years, and as a result the labor pool will become more complicated, with the advantage going to the applicants. Tech positions are also expected to see growth in the near future, especially concerning both development and use of mobile phones. Being able to appeal to these high-tech and vital needs in the near future will become only more important in the near future.