Creating a Faster, More Effective Job Searching Strategy

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Taking new approaches to the job search can be a refreshing and revitalizing aspect of the process, which can often take weeks or months before ending successfully. Expert advice can help those looking for new opportunities develop brand new strategies that can likely pay off in the long run.

According to NBC Chicago, this shift should start by looking at a resume. Tailoring a resume to a specific job, instead of cramming every certification and merit earned in a career, can have drastic improvement upon how your efforts are perceived. Having a concise and focused resume that emphasizes how previous successes can translate into a new position will undoubtedly gain more recognition and interest than others may result. Many employers only look at resumes for a few seconds each, hoping to see specific details that meet their needs, and being able to meet those needs and concerns will help your efforts strongly in the long run.

Another key piece of advice that the news source recommends is to always follow up with potential employers after what seems like a successful interview or meeting. The effort and respect signified by a hand-written letter will go a long way in any staffer's opinion of a potential hire. If that doesn't seem like it will work, or the time frame involved is too short to warrant a piece of mail, even a short and thankful email will go a long way. Not only does this show respect but initiative and interest, both of which are major considerations for almost anyone looking for a new employee.

Don't dwell, keep moving

In many situations, a job hunter will stall their efforts after applying for a dream position, hoping that they'll hear back and be able to end their search. It's important to consider that the time frames that employers have are much different than those of their potential hires, and that's because hiring managers have many priorities they'll need to take care of at once, according to US News and World Report. Keeping your efforts to find a job in motion after applying for a specific position is vital for a successful approach, as not only will you be able to get more applications out in a specific amount of time, but in the event that a dream job doesn't work out, you won't have wasted any time searching. In that time, it's entirely possible that you'll find a position that's even better for your needs.

Keeping your chin up will also have drastic benefits in the job hunt. While it may seem like a rejection is intensely personal, it's much more likely that a potential employer was struggling to pick between dozens, if not hundreds, of quality applications. The job hunt is no place to be emotional, according to the source, and keeping a positive view of the events at hand will be directly beneficial to your future efforts.

Remove pressure when possible

Many employers are seeking an employee with a certain amount of skill in a specific field, and meeting said skill set can be difficult, especially for less experienced workers. Staffing services companies can help fight this problem, allowing workers to develop newfound skills in contract positions that will better prepare them for the field. What's more, this can also add specific industry experience to a resume, which will have great long-term effects.

At the same time, some of the pressure in the job search is self-imposed, and relieving some stress by occasionally relaxing won't hurt anyone. Specific ways searchers can do this include not looking into "signals" that may be seen during the application process, either positive or negative, and not worrying about specific applications, instead taking faith that out of your attempts, a manager will eventually call you back.