Customer Service Representatives: Entry Point into the Enterprise

CSR Entry Point into the Enterprise
One of the most important front line jobs at many companies is customer service, so we’re always curious to learn more about why people choose this career path. From experience, we know some become customer service representatives (CSR) as their first move up from minimum way jobs. Others choose customer service more strategically, as an entry point into a corporate career in sales, marketing or even human resources. Still others choose customer service as their life-long career.

Real “people person”

One of our veteran recruiters Kaitlin Morkel offers some insights about the special traits of a successful customer service representative. “Some of the best customer service reps are big time ‘people person’ at heart. The ones who stick with it are the kind of people who have incredible relationship skills. They’re good listeners, they take initiative.”

According to another Aerotek recruiter who specializes in recruiting customer service reps, it also helps to have a creative approach to curiosity, like we heard one CSR talk about in this online forum thread. “I learned … that a little polite curiosity goes a long way. A lot of times while I'm waiting on my computer to load, or trying to learn my customer's needs, I can ask a few questions that help me learn about them and their lives. I've gotten to meet some interesting people that way and have some interesting conversations, and it can sometimes be used as a way to de-escalate upset customers.”

Entry point into the enterprise

Larissa Jording, an Aerotek recruiter specializing in placing CSRs in healthcare and financial services call centers, finds that many of her most successful contractors came into the businesses through the CSR role in order to gain deep category knowledge, as well as an intimate awareness of the customer. Two critical skills which can be leveraged lucratively when moving into other roles in the marketing, human resources or financial management divisions of those same businesses.

Customer service rep careerists

Many of our recruiters working with customer service representatives agree on another thing: the professionals who make a career out of customer service — those curious people people a gift for making people feel better for speaking with them — are extremely valuable on the job market. Larissa says, “I have veteran CSRs who get 10-15 calls a week from companies trying to hire them. There is a very solid career to be had in customer service for people with the right personality for the job.”

Our recruiters work with thousands of customer service representatives every day. We know there are almost as many reasons for becoming a CSR as there are CSRs. If you’re a customer service rep or someone curious about becoming one, we’d love to hear from you regardless the reason. Create an Aerotek customer service rep career account here if you haven’t already. To explore our current customer service rep opportunities visit here