Customer Service Series: Busy Season for Financial Services Drives Talent Needs

Woman working in a call center

Now is an especially busy time for hiring new customer service employees to support incoming calls in finance, accounting, GRC and insurance companies, as a number of factors combine to drive up demand and increase competition for the best workers:

  • Credit card companies are activating new cards for holiday shopping
  • Tax preparation services firms gear up for tax season
  • Retirement planning services handle surge in year-end requests
  • Organizations deal with increased fraud tied to holiday shopping

The biggest challenge in these industries, and the business process outsourcing (BPO) providers they may work with, is often the volume of hires needed and the need for a very quick turnaround.

Organizations frequently need to source and screen hundreds or thousands of candidates within just a few weeks. However, hiring managers in general can’t take the time to wade through resumes from unqualified applicants or interviewing unsuitable candidates. They often turn to a firm like Aerotek, which has many qualified candidates already in the pipeline. Our ability to execute large volume hiring efforts and fast ramp-ups are crucial to helping organizations maximize revenues and minimize risks during their busiest time.

In terms of quality, we’ve found that the best candidates not only have the right skillsets, but also uphold your company’s core values. And that also sets the stage for retention of the best hires — when you invest the time and attention to hiring the right people right off the bat, you create the mutually beneficial relationship between employer and employee that brings results.

Making sure you are hiring the most talented customer service representatives is a smart strategy, and working with a trusted staffing partner can make it an especially smooth process.

Article by Kathleen Valenti

Director of Business Development, Aerotek