5 Ways to Improve Your Job Search with Time Management

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A job search is a full-time job. Like any job, you should strive to be good at it.

So instead of “unemployed,” call yourself Chief Executive Officer of You, Inc. Congratulations on the promotion! Now it’s time to put your managerial skills to the test.

We asked Aerotek recruiters for their advice on using time management techniques to improve job searches. Here’s what they had to say.

Be systematic

The first thing you’ll need as CEO of You, Inc. is organized data. That’s how top execs make informed decisions.

Create a spreadsheet of all your job applications. Use it to keep track of each opportunity. Who’s your contact person? When did you apply? What’s the job description? Have you followed up with your contact? Aerotek Senior Professional Recruiter Jackie Ross explains, “A spreadsheet will keep you on track, organized and help you notice any trends in feedback or lack thereof.”

Without a streamlined system, you’ll spend your time and energy repeating tasks, or worse, fumbling through old emails while on the phone with a potential employer. And when you’re systematic, a “no” response feels more like a data point to learn from rather than a personal rejection.

Do the hard stuff first

As the CEO of You, Inc., you’re tasked with managing resources. One resource? Energy. You’ll have more at the beginning of a job search than you will later. Use it wisely by doing the hardest stuff first.

For example, Aerotek Senior Professional Recruiter Matt Wiehe says, “I stress that candidates should have a polished master resume which lists all their skills and experience in detail, and then create offshoots to send for each specific job.”

Instead of rebuilding your resume from the ground up with every application, spend extra time at the beginning of your search on that comprehensive master resume document. Include more info than you’d need for any given job, and whittle it down to suit each opportunity. After all, it’s easier — and much faster — to delete than it is to write.

Organize your work time

Respecting the time of employees is a big part of being CEO of You, Inc. Don’t bog your staff (yourself) down with useless busy work. Get the most out of your time. It’s better for morale.

Using calendars and to-do lists can help keep you focused and organized. Aerotek Senior Professional Account Recruiting Manager Julie Lewis says, “Candidates should search strategically, and create a schedule for their search. Block out times for specific tasks, like a set period to review job postings, or a set period to explore connections on social media sites.”

Senior Professional Strategic Delivery Manager Kate Keller  adds, “I find organization in general is the biggest time saver of all. If you force yourself to stay organized, the time you spend on your search will keep you headed in the right direction!”

Don’t forget to network

Imagine the boost to your confidence (and opportunities) you might experience if you sat down for an interview having already met the person on the other side of the desk.

Ross says, “Networking is still the best tool to find a new job. The more you network, the faster you will find a new position. And while applying to jobs is very necessary, you should also focus on how to win the jobs you’re applying to. Lay the groundwork by doing as much face-to-face as you can.”


You don’t have to do everything. As the CEO of You, Inc., you have the power to bring in an expert management team that can help you strategize the actualization of your goals. That could mean asking friends for help with networking or resume advice. Or it could mean pursuing outside partnerships.

Aerotek’s Megan McCormick suggests, “Seek help from a recruiter. We offer a free service and are dedicated to helping you and our clients find the right people. We will do the heavy lifting for you — all you need to do is show up to the interview and sell yourself well.”

Are you ready to find a partner in your job search? Get in touch with an Aerotek recruiter in your area. You’ll get free, expert advice about the best way to land a new position in your field.

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Aerotek recruiters Jackie Ross, Matt Wiehe, Julie Lewis, Kate Keller and Megan McCormick contributed to this report.