Getting Back in the Job Searching Game After a Break


Many people looking to find a job may not have worked for a recent period of time. A number of different obligations can prevent you from focusing on your career, but when it comes time to get back in the search, there are plenty of strategies that will only pay benefits.

Business News Daily suggests that the first step is to gain some new experience or education that you can point to if a manager asks about recent work history. It's important to keep busy when looking for a new job, as managers will be looking for people with consistent work history. This experience or education can range from freelance and volunteer work to taking training or educational courses related to the field you hope to join.

The time that you spend job searching can be made even more valuable, too. The news source recommends focusing on the job search like it's your own full-time job. With 40 hours of effort expended every week, you can have faith in your searching ability and will likely find more opportunities than if you passively search. What's more, this doesn't necessarily mean applying to every job you can find. Editing a resume, attending industry or networking events or meeting with people in your network will all improve your search.

Social media can have many benefits

No matter the industry you're trying to gain a foothold in, or how long it's been since you were in the working world, social media has become a constant in successful job searching efforts. Houston's ABC affiliate recommends making sure your profile is always updated, to ensure anyone who visits your page knows what you can offer them. LinkedIn, in particular, should be a key emphasis, as many recruiters and hiring managers turn to the website to further research a job applicant. Many managers even accept LinkedIn information instead of resumes, showing just how important the social media network has become to job searching.

LinkedIn can also provide renewed and easy access to your professional network. It's strongly advised that you stay focused on your networking efforts throughout a job search. Former coworkers and colleagues will likely be more than happy to help you out or at least inform you of potential positions opening up. The more connections you make, the wider your network becomes as well, making it an aspect of the job search that can't be ignored.