Recruiting a Better Class of Technical Employees


The world of technology has one of the most competitive job searching fields of any industry. New technology and practices are developed constantly and companies continually competing with each other will go to far lengths to retain the best workers. However, building a strong tech workforce isn't as difficult as it seems with just a few strategic changes.

According to InfoWorld, one of the most important things a tech business can do when hiring is to make decisions slowly and methodically. This enables a more even-handed and fair assessment of every potential employee on the market, and while a few may find other offers in the meantime, it gives hiring managers a chance to find the true cream of the crop in due time. One business leader interviewed by the news source found that testing their best employees with a short contract to see their full skills gives them a chance to see their full skill range before making a final decision.

At the same time, experts also recommend that hiring managers stay away from self-proclaimed "superstars," who have tons of experience and skill, and instead focus on building a strong roster of employees from front to back. While they will be able to carry a large amount of the company's overall load, should they leave the company in some form, their absence would be heavily felt. Flexibility, redundancy and a focus on learning and improving are all important in the workforce, as leaders will want the entire team to be working together well, not leaning on one person to stay afloat.

Don't fear the competition

It's a well-known fact in the tech world that employees will often eventually leave for greener pastures, but there's no reason to avoid hiring strong candidates as such. Instead, businesses should be sure to highlight what workers can gain from joining their ranks. Promising hard work and growth ahead of long term benefits will attract strong minded and career-driven staffers who will be more than willing to put in their best. As well, they'll likely be able to recommend other employees with the same skills in case they leave, which benefits the company as much as it does the staffer.

When it comes to staffing, sometimes business leaders won't be able to decide what aspects they most want in an employee, or the wording in a hiring advertisement that will attract the right person. In these cases, employment agencies can play a strong role. Their experience in similar matters will give them a strong ability to determine which candidates would be best, or which strategies would help draw in the strongest candidates.

Employee referrals are strong

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer adds that the best new hires in many industries come from referrals, as they're able to provide 25 percent more profit, while they're 20 percent less likely to quit once in the position. In improving the referral process further, the news source recommends setting up a "searchlight meeting," a strategy pioneered by companies like Facebook and Dropbox. These short, informal meetings can shine better light on prospective candidates and their skills while simultaneously improving the company's overall reputation among employees.

It's also necessary to ensure a given hire has the right cultural fit for the company in question. The wide world of tech means that one employer may require shirts and ties, while another is fine with employees wearing t-shirts and hoodies. Making sure your candidates match up well with the company's expectations, such as being a team player or going "above and beyond" in their daily work, will improve the overall hiring prospects a business goes through.