Secure and Safe Job Searching Advice for the Currently Employed


It's natural for anyone to look to find a job, even if they're already employed. Whether you sense that there are few opportunities for growth in your current company, you feel that the executives' vision doesn't match up with your own or you are looking to make an entirely new career choice, there's no reason why you shouldn't start a search. When doing so, however, it's important to avoid overlooking certain approaches that will be best for both your current and future prospects.

According to Forbes, being employed makes you more attractive to a prospective employer. They'll be looking to make a strong hire, and currently holding a position shows that you know how to get into the modern office. There are concerns that you need to keep an eye on in this light. If you're on good terms with your manager, and you can explain the reasoning behind your upcoming search, do so early. This could also prove beneficial as you look to bolster your potential references. Still, it's critical to keep the search to yourself and ensure that it does not become a distraction from your current responsibilities. 

Your relationship will go further than simply in communication means. It's prudent to avoid speaking negatively about any past positions you've held, but that's even more important when it comes to jobs you still hold. Even if the situation seems dire, you should speak positively of your past interactions to avoid giving your potential employers pause.

Stay focused on work

It's important to note that just because you aim to find a new job doesn't mean you can start slacking off at your old one. That is a strategy that will likely lead to your dismissal, and for your search to change from a want to a need. Instead, remain professional and respectful when it comes to your current position, as showing such qualities will help your reputation in the years to come. Managers will be more likely to give you references in the future if you show them the respect you owe them.

That being said, if your employer does find out that you're interested in finding other opportunities, honesty is indeed the best policy. You'll only make things more difficult if you tell your manager that you're still 100 percent invested in the company, especially if they can immediately refute that claim. It may make things more difficult in the near future, but doing so will prevent any disastrous consequences.

Use your free time

Instead of using work time for personal improvement, make sure you dedicate your free time to the search, CareeRealism reported. Saving sick days or time off should be your goal when the inevitable interview comes up in your search, and this will help ensure that your employers don't find out about your intentions.

There are additional options you can use to find work, though. Working with a staffing services company can help you gain insight into best practices when searching for a new job, giving you leads for potentially open positions or even an opportunity to take on a contract job. 

It's also important to make sure your social media presence lines up with your intentions. Your LinkedIn should be as positive and professional as possible, though it's important to avoid making changes that look too suspicious like changing your location. Other websites should be cleaned up to ensure you put your best foot forward, and no mentions of searching should be made at all until you've found your next opportunity.