Social Media Can Play Vital Role in Recruiting Process


When recruiting employees, it can be difficult to fully ensure a candidate's skills and ability in a position based solely on their resume and a brief meeting with them. However, by following a recently growing trend in the recruiting world, properly vetting a candidate for any given position may become much easier.

According to a recent social recruiting survey from Jobvite, as many as 94 percent of employers have some kind of plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts in 2014 and beyond. In the past two years, those figures have risen by 5 percent, while they've spiked 16 percent in the past five. Another 78 percent reported making at least one hire using the services out of a survey of more than 1,600 recruitment and HR professionals.

The big three social media mainstays - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter - remain the most popular tools in recruiting talent among officials, but other services can unearth more unique and creative talent than ever before. When trying to find workers who may be able to bring new approaches to a field, employers are increasingly looking toward YouTube, Instagram and blogs like Tumblr and WordPress to land more successful employees.

Seeking out "influencers" 

Business 2 Community reports that some social media users, especially on Twitter, are considered more influential than others. While many of these "influencers" are individuals who hold high-level positions, their posting trends can help recruiters look for positive posting patterns. For instance, a candidate who tweets a lot and has a profile that's aimed toward a certain industry is more likely to have knowledge of the latest industry updates, meaning the individual is well informed. A consistent style and brand is also important when posting - if the candidate has a noticeable wheelhouse of knowledge, that's a great sign.

Helps determine traditional and societal qualities

When more than 90 percent of hiring managers use LinkedIn to search for potential hires, there are clear benefits to using the service. Not only do professionals use the site, specifically, to look at professional experience, skills and tenure, but they are also looking at social profiles at the same time.

Being able to see a personal website or profile additionally provided insight onto candidates' acceptability for any given position. About 42 percent of surveyed professionals said that they had reconsidered the viability of candidates based off profiles. One specific factor was that profanity or poor grammar or punctuation led to three out of five recruiters turning away from that candidate. Another 47 percent of surveyed recruiters added that they would not be enthused about a candidate when it comes to alcohol references.

However, there are positive efforts that can be seen from social media as well. Social media can also portray applicants and potential employees in a positive light - for instance, those who were found to volunteer or donate to charity would receive additional considerations from 65 percent of recruiters.