Staffing Central: Small Businesses Report Challenges and Top Cities Creating Jobs

Wondering what’s up in the staffing industry? Here are the headlines:

1. Small businesses report hiring challenges
Despite the fact that they added half of the country’s new jobs in 2015, an ADP survey reveals that small businesses are experiencing significant difficulties when it comes to their hiring processes. 

“The most prevalent issues small businesses identified were a longer hiring cycle (34 percent), a loss of productivity (28 percent) and employees not meeting expectations for the position (25 percent),” ADP reports. 

2. Fears of a robots takeover, overblown

Though technology experts acknowledge that automation and artificial intelligence will continue to have an impact on how the world does business, most believe there will still be opportunity for those of us who are human. According to Carolynn Look, writing for Bloomberg Business, our fears of losing our jobs to robots “may be more [science] fictional than scientific. 

“A recent study by the VDMA Robotics and Automation Association shows that previous waves of automation have not made labor obsolete.”

3. Candidate branding soars

While candidates have been using tools such as social media, online websites and portfolios for some time, staffing industry trend-watchers predict that this year, candidates will take their branding efforts to a new level. Prashanie Dharmadasa of SIA’s The Staffing Stream advises HR professionals to “be on the lookout for candidates increasing knowledge and adding one-off classes and workshops to their resume, while being more motivated by opportunities for advancement and making an impact versus a paycheck.” 

4. Candidates are on the move
As the economy continues to improve, Americans are again feeling motivated to relocate for job opportunities and more affordable housing. According to statistics by the U.S. Census Bureau, states in the Southern and Western U.S. are experiencing the most growth. Due to a surge in the technology and creative marketing fields, cities in the Pacific West such as Seattle and Portland have become especially popular, according to a study by United Van Lines

5. Some cities exceeded expectations 
Dallas, San Jose, Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami were the top over-performers in a recent Career Builder/ Emsi study that looked at which cities created more jobs than expected in 2015. On the other end of the spectrum, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, performed worse than other cities, creating fewer jobs than expected. 

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