Temp Jobs Give Employers Flexibility in Tough Times


If you've been between jobs for months, and are looking for ways to pay off end-of-year credit card bills or just save more money in 2013, you may want to check out finding a temp job, a move thousands of Americans are doing as demand grows.

According to the Canton Republic, the temporary staffing sector was one of the several industries that saw huge setbacks during the recession. However, throughout the recovery, temp hiring has made a slow and steady comeback as more firms begin to see the benefits of hiring temp workers. According to figures from the American Staffing Association, between June 2009 and July 2012, temporary staffing companies brought on an additional 786,000 temps. In this period, the temp sector added more jobs than any other industry in the country.

These staffing firms' services have become extremely handy for some employers, especially those in the manufacturing sector. Mancan Inc., for example, recently told the media outlet it is trying to fill open positions at its Ohio factory, but just can't find the right talent.

"We don't have enough qualified people — the type of people companies are looking for," said Canton branch managers Jaclyn Neff. "We need reliable people with their own transportation who can pass a drug screen, pass a math test. A high school diploma or GED. And dependability is a big thing."

Neff said she also expects the company to start drug testing its employees more frequently, and said it will likely increase the rigor of its background checks.

"But if someone comes in who is clean cut and can lift 50 pounds, we can get that person out in a job immediately," she said.

Neff said another branch at the company is suffering from a shortage of workers who are computer-savvy.

"People say they have computer skills but they don't," she added. "They say they can use Microsoft Word and Excel, but only about 1 out of 10 are actually proficient."

If you've got the skills and experience, however, a staffing firm may be great for helping you get your foot in the door, given the many connections they have to employers all over the country.

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, the number of temp jobs in the U.S. fell slightly in September, however this was most likely attributed to the heavy growth that was seen in temp positions from September through December. The temporary jobs penetration rate also fell slightly to 1.9 percent last month, from 1.91 percent in December.