The Pros and Cons You Can Change Online When Job Searching


When you're job searching, it's important to keep your online profile consistent and inoffensive. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that managers can see several things when looking at an applicant's information that can represent immediate turnoffs. These include making a poor first impression online, where the first few results that appear for a Google search of your name don't paint a good picture, and the potential that social media networks betray poor habits, from posting during work hours to having questionable content on your Twitter or Facebook account.

As a result, it's necessary to keep an eye on your online habits and outward appearances whenever possible. When working to ensure your information remains professional and high-quality, you need to make sure to focus on five points, Business 2 Community reported.

Branding and searchability

The key way to improve your Internet search results is to change your branding strategy. Everyone has their own personal brand, and it's important to make sure yours presents the best picture of you possible. The job search is about selling yourself as someone who is unique but has the skills that managers expect, all wrapped up in the experience that drives your abilities. This means that your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter should all reflect your ideas and your qualities equally, with frequent updates that remain relevant to what you're trying to accomplish.

Going farther than simply presenting the right image of yourself, you also need to make sure you remain searchable. Today, more than ever, job searchers and recruiters are seeking out their next great candidates exclusively using the Internet. At the same time, new job seekers are going online more than ever before. As such, you'll need to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Using industry keywords throughout your profile is the best way to meet this requirement, as they will draw a number of different people to the website as time goes on. They'll also serve to boost the signal of your brand, helping you sound like you know your stuff as far as the industry is concerned.

Be thorough and knowledgeable

Assessing and improving the searchability of your profile will also help you boost the thoroughness of your efforts. Filling out your full profile will help you ensure you don't give off a negative image of inattention that may arise from a lackluster effort. Every aspect of your personal sites being fully protected will help you ensure that your efforts aren't wasted. In some cases, it will even help you remove mistakes or find new ways you can draw attention to specific areas of significance.

In your approach to being thorough, you should also make sure you know what you're talking about, in case you find yourself lost if you're asked a difficult question during an interview. Knowing what skills are desired in the current marketplace and being aware of recent changes that have affected the way prospective employers approach their efforts are good points for research. They'll help you make sure you're able to start and hold the right conversations when it's time for you to enter the office for an interview.

Focusing on your online profile strength will also allow you more time to assess what is and isn't working in your search efforts. New tools on LinkedIn, like an expanded view of who has seen your profile, will help you determine which changes are and aren't immediately successful. If a certain edit boosts your page views, you'll know what resonates with employers, and if you see results fall over time, experimenting will likely help you discover the right things to focus on in the near future.