You Have Options When It Comes to Customer Service Jobs

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Ever attended one of those one-person shows where a single actor plays multiple characters? The best actors can transition seamlessly from one role to the other, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

Playing multiple roles all at once is impressive, right?

It’s also what nearly 3 million customer service representatives (CSRs) do every day.

At any given moment, a CSR may be asked to play the role of problem-solver, subject matter expert, technical guru, psychologist and even friend. But unlike a one-person show, a customer service rep’s best performances don’t happen on stage. They play out during phone calls, discussions at the front desk or rapid-fire text exchanges in online chats.

Great customer service representatives possess a versatile mix of skills that go far beyond the ability to hold a conversation or fill out an order.

Now that’s talent.

What are your career priorities?

With so many CSR jobs available, competition for great jobs is growing. Getting ahead means taking your career seriously. Luckily, you’ve got options spanning industries, and Aerotek offers connections to thousands of customer service jobs across the country. But what options are right for you? Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned CSR, it all depends on what’s most important to you.

Do you want the freedom to explore new industries and roles? CSR skills are transferable across companies and the tasks can vary, offering a great deal of variety to those who crave it. For instance, a commercial CSR may find their way into a fraud call center analyst role.

Are you looking for the flexibility to work hours that fit your schedule? Different types of call centers offer different schedules. You can find traditional hours, but many call center shifts occur outside them, and some even require overnight commitments. Quite often there’s a trade-off: the more unusual the hours, the more the jobs pay.

Want a chance to help solve tough problems? There’s no shortage of that in customer care. Whether it’s helping customers locate an online order or supporting detail-critical healthcare administration, some CSR jobs offer the opportunity to put your problem-solving skills to the test.

Figure out what matters most to you. Then seek out the opportunities that match.

Go where the need is greatest

The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of the fastest-growing industries in America. Nearly all of them need customer service teams to not only keep them running, but to also support their continued growth.

Some of the fastest-growing industries worth considering for your next customer service career move include:

  • Healthcare: Support administrative, accounting and scheduling for medical professionals who take care of patients in-home, in-office and at the hospital.
  • Logistics: Help companies that operate warehouses, provide storage and transport goods track down orders.
  • E-commerce: Help customer place and return online orders.
  • Education: Help students and educators — at all levels of schooling — in critical areas like enrollment, billing and giving.
  • Finance: Fraud and financial crime is on the uptick. CSRs in fraud call centers help people who have been targeted for fraud, like having their credit card info stolen. The job pays better than typical CSR roles, but you have to be able to handle customers during moments of high stress.
  • Help desk: Troubleshoot unique customer problems.

Customer service job opportunities are as diverse as the skills, the industries and the people who thrive in them. Whether you’re just getting started or have mastered the craft, Aerotek’s recruiters are here to help you find the perfect place to perform your one-person customer service show.