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The Industries We Serve and Support

Our in-depth expertise in virtually every industry has led us to become one of the largest industrial staffing companies in North America. For over three decades, we’ve built trusted relationships with manufacturers, producers and government integrators of all sizes. Learn more about how we support more than 13,000 clients across North America’s leading industries.
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Consumer & Industrial Products

Consumer and industrial goods' producers must keep up with shifts in consumer demands while driving down production costs. A staffing partner experienced at avoiding expensive workforce sourcing delays and easing worker attrition helps you grow your business. Aerotek supplies well-matched talent to companies in the food and beverage, distribution, electronics, industrial equipment and chemical manufacturing industries. We deliver valuable skill sets such as warehouse workers, maintenance technicians and logistic professionals. For enhanced engagement — our scalable comprehensive maintenance services practice oversees skilled talent while providing essential visibility to improve productivity and reduce downtime.
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E-commerce & Distribution

Achieving success in the competitive e-commerce landscape requires flexibility and innovation. Offset expensive attrition and retention concerns, or staff new distribution centers quickly with access to quality warehouse and production talent. With deep industry experience, we support common industrial processes including forklift operation, packaging, production and facilities maintenance.

Government Services

Staffing for highly regulated government projects takes a partner adept at working with various state and federal integrators. Aerotek has worked with the government and major government subcontractors for over 35 years. We offer full lifecycle support for a diverse range of military services including shipbuilding, aviation maintenance and ground vehicle repair. Complete your projects on time by connecting to skilled electricians, mechanics, avionic technicians, welders, machinists and other skilled professionals.
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Life Sciences

Life Sciences companies and their suppliers are built on the foundations of dependability and consistency. Aerotek helps the top medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech companies increase retention and productivity while building an organic leadership pipeline. Beyond staffing, we also provide dedicated compliance and safety teams to ensure adherence to FDA regulations.
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As skilled transportation labor becomes more specialized, finding talent with the necessary abilities requires significant time and resources. From automobile assembly to aircraft maintenance and heavy equipment operations — Aerotek helps some of the biggest names in transportation find the right person for the job while reducing time-to-fill and attrition delays. Our specialized recruiters work to place machine operators, certified aviation technicians, welders, maintenance technicians and other skill sets into roles in transportation.
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The skills of energy workers are becoming more focused, their opportunities are moving further away from major cities and new safety regulations are always on the horizon. Your company’s ability to keep up with these changes will be key to achieving success. Aerotek provides access to skilled talent through a robust national recruiting network while paying close attention to applicable safety regulations. By learning what field technicians, equipment operators and other skill professionals want in their career, we deliver the right people to the right job.


Keeping your projects on schedule requires access to skilled labor that can learn your plans quickly and execute them safely and professionally. Our specialized recruiters — working in over 250 offices nationwide — connect companies to quality talent in the commercial, environmental, utilities and energy sectors. We’re adept at delivering millwrights, electricians, plumbers and other construction professionals to jobsites across North America. For enhanced engagement — our scalable construction support services practice oversees skilled talent while providing essential visibility to improve productivity and bidding strategies.
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A staffing ally with diverse experience simplifies managing the constant changes of the non-clinical healthcare industry. Aerotek offers scalable environmental services, food/dietary and facility maintenance support that increases retention, attracts talent and supports compliance to evolving regulations. We partner with regional and national hospital systems that require highly skilled workers to maintain their buildings and facilities. Get connected to quality janitors, facility technicians, painters and other professionals.

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