The Unique Value of Veterans in the Civilian Workplace

Military personnel repairing helicopter

“A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards.” - Theodore Roosevelt

Veterans are a very special breed. And when it comes to finding gainful employment in the civilian workplace, they have the important qualities today’s companies seek: tenacity, intuition, reliability, responsibility, integrity and leadership. These attributes stem from their time in the military, where they were trained to not only work hard, but also smartly to get the job done.

Aerotek recruiters find that veterans are reliable, hard-working contractors that make top candidates for a wide variety of positions. Mechanics, for example, are in high demand right now, and vets make the perfect fit. The military has every imaginable type of vehicle, from tanks to helicopters, artillery to naval weapon systems. And mechanics in the military are tasked with fixing all of it, ensuring the Armed Forces run efficiently and effectively. Who better to hire than the vets who have all the skills and training they need to make excellent civilian mechanics?

The same effectiveness and efficiency also applies to our military machinists. When a part for a critical piece of equipment fails and a replacement part is nowhere near, they are tasked with making a new one on the fly — providing the skills required to keep the wide and varied engines and machines running. Additionally, with sheet metal being a common material across various projects in the military, welders play an integral role in the construction and repair and construction of ships, submarines, landing craft, buildings and other equipment.

Companies are taking note — hiring U.S. veterans for skilled positions comes with a host of benefits.

Very few cultures are like the military, where focus is entirely on mission achievement, cooperation and personal development. There is no other work environment in the world that shapes people like our Armed Forces; our veterans are trained to be “mission accomplished.” Take for example a 20-year old Marine who becomes a non-commissioned officer and is placed into a leadership position. As they advance through the military's ranks, the burden of leadership becomes greater and greater. Who wouldn’t want to work side-by-side one of these well-trained veterans as a mechanic, machinist, or welder?<

When looking to hire vets for these highly skilled positions, employers find that they are also very adaptable and take their responsibilities seriously. Most vets have gone through trials and tribulations that civilians can’t even imagine, so this ensures that they are responsible individuals who can successfully carry out their duties.

Aerotek recruiters also find that veterans come to the civilian workplace with a genuine respect for business and the job they are hired to do. They have a unique appreciation for working in the public sector, one most civilians take a little longer to understand, but that’s what makes them such exceptionally skilled employees. They have gone through a lot and tend to have a work ethic that allows them to thrive; regardless of what career path they choose.

When you add all of these benefits up, most companies find that there is a high upside when hiring veterans as skilled laborers. And with their military service and the unique skills honed while serving, vets are finally getting the acknowledgement and appreciation they deserve.

Aerotek, as well as our clients, greatly value the unique experience, skills and capabilities that our military service members and veterans bring to the civilian workforce. We are dedicated to helping these individuals understand how their military skills and expertise can be applied to positions within the many industries we serve. We are committed to supporting the unique needs of military spouses, partners, and family members who are seeking flexible employment opportunities. If you’re a veteran looking for a deeply rewarding career, we invite you to create a free Aerotek career account, or check out our job board.