Call Center Jobs In Canada Are On The Rise

Call center staffing in Canada appears to be booming. Company expansions and introduction of call centers in the country are expected to help contribute to a long-term growth period, creating hundreds of new jobs across different provinces.

According to Area Development Online, one example of these promising prospects of growth comes from Bell Canada and its subsidiary Nordia, which recently opened a new call center in Peterborough, Ontario. In an effort to better serve customers, this center represents an investment of approximately $5 million and is expected to create up to 400 new call center jobs in the process. Since 2010, Bell and Nordia have opened or acquired eight separate call centers, which has had the welcome side effect of employing hundreds of workers around the country.
"The new center reflects not only a significant employment initiative, but a strong vote of confidence in the Peterborough economy by a highly respected Canadian company," said Darly Bennett, the mayor of the city. "Many have worked tirelessly to bring about this economic boost to our community and we will continue to support Bell and Nordia as they bring this initiative to life."

More promise in Windsor
The Windsor Star added that another 400 jobs will be added to Canada's economy in Windsor, Ontario as HGS Canada prepares to install a new call center in the region early next year.
"Four hundred jobs is a significant, significant amount of jobs," Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis told the news source. "We're very pleased that they've chosen Windsor, we're very very pleased there are going to be 400 people with jobs that didn't have jobs before."

Company officials noted that the company is aiming to open the new location in either January or February of 2015, with new efforts currently in place to secure and finalize the logistics of a facility itself. The new location will see the 400 call center jobs and up to 40 support staff positions needing to be filled as well.

Dartmouth also receiving attention
HGS Canada is also supporting its hiring efforts in Dartmouth, noted by the Chronicle Herald. The location currently has 265 employees, but the company expects to add another 100 full-time customer service associates due to an increase in the overall market. This is after the company has already brought another 100 staffers to the workforce in the past year.
The overall growth of HGS Canada has been said to be caused by an increase in demand on call centers by their industry-related clients, according to the news source. HGS Canada already has 10 different call centers around the country, which provide support to clients in financial and technological firms, among others. In addition to the Windsor location, another site in North Bay, Ontario is also said to be increasing its workforce from 325 employees to just over 400.

Call Centers Hold Plenty of Promise
A press release from the Egis Projects Canada call center shows that call center jobs can often bode well for their workers' careers. It reported the center had been certified as a Center of Excellence by a leading research and consulting organization. This award only goes to the top 10 percent of locations, meaning their reputations carry and their employees benefit from the distinction as well. Opportunities at locations can often turn into accolades, helping workers better achieve new results in their careers.