Fiat Chrysler and Aerotek; Driven to Excel

Workers in hard hats and safety coats
We Americans love our vehicles.

Last year, we drove more than 3 trillion miles – commuting to work, going on weekend shopping excursions and making road trips. And the more we drive, the more we demand of our automobiles. These days, we tend to see our cars as an extension of our homes and offices, and we increasingly want the same kind of functionality and connectivity while we’re traveling.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
(FCA), one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers with revenues topping $123 billion, is creating the supply that satisfies that demand.  The company, whose U.S. headquarters is in Auburn Hills, Mich., is the third largest employer in the Detroit metropolitan area. 

FCA pursues continuous improvement in the design and manufacture of their vehicles, from safety features and fuel efficiency to touchscreen technology, Wi-Fi access and high-end infotainment systems. That requires talent that can drive innovation, which is the specialty of Jason J. Chenett, Aerotek strategic account manager. 

For his entire 20-year career at Aerotek, Jason has worked with FCA, first as a recruiter, now as a strategic account manager. He and his colleagues place a wide variety of contract employees with the company, including software, industrial, electrical, control and embedded systems engineers as well as manufacturing workers, active safety officers, accounting and finance professionals and administrative workers.

An atmosphere of mutual respect

Since 2008, Aerotek has placed 2,144 contract employees at FCA. “What I especially appreciate about Fiat Chrysler is the great corporate culture,” Jason says. “They treat our employees really well and do an excellent job making sure they feel comfortable and integrated into the company.”

Darren Simpson, an Aerotek account manager who also partners with Fiat, agrees. “FCA recognizes that we at Aerotek are fully invested in the success of our contract employees as well as the success of FCA. By delivering the best candidates that fill the exact need, it creates a win-win situation that results in great work and great careers.”

Another measure of Aerotek’s success in placing contract employees with FCA is the number of conversions –employees who excel as contract employees and because of that are offered permanent employment. Aerotek had 89 conversions in 2015 and 71 so far in 2016.

Engineering a permanent placement

One of those successful 2016 conversions was Tamara Taylor, who joined FCA full-time as a permanent employee in August. Tamara, a valued contract employee Aerotek placed at FCA as a prototype build engineer, was recently chosen from among Aerotek’s 100,000 contract employees to be nominated to the American Staffing Association’s National Staffing Employee of the Year awards.

The long-term relationship between FCA and Aerotek helps Aerotek contribute at a high level. FCA recently moved production of its Jeep Cherokee to its Belvidere, Ill., and Aerotek was there from the beginning, helping FCA hire manufacturing engineers, controls engineers, product supervisors and quality control staff.

With 425 contract employees currently working at FCA, Jason says there’s been nothing more rewarding over his past two decades of working with the automaker than consistently connecting FCA with the highest caliber of talent to help the automaker reach its goals.