Getting Your Automotive Job Search in Gear


Like most industries in the recovering economy, there are newfound opportunities to be found in the current automotive job market. No matter where in the industry they aim to find a new position, job seekers everywhere need only follow a few recommended steps to better find a job.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the first thing you should focus on when preparing your application efforts is making sure your resume highlights skills directly relevant to the automotive industry or skills that can be easily adapted into the field. While this doesn't mean you automatically need experience as a technician or mechanic, it helps managers know how serious you are about landing an industry-related position. The possible skills you can portray vary. Everything from problem-solving experience to even sales and design work can help out in the long run, indicating that you'll be able to think on your feet and know your way around the hardware itself.

Depending on which corner of the industry you're planning on entering, there are a number of additional skills that will only further your efforts. Customer service can help, not necessarily because it means you'll be dealing with customers, but because it implies you have experience working with others to relieve problems and prevent them from reoccurring. As you'll likely be working with a large team depending on the specific position you choose to aim for, these skills will be important when it comes to teamwork and improving your standing.

Don't eschew vital tools

While the automotive industry is much more hands-on than others, that doesn't mean that modern tools aren't worthwhile. Careers in Auto notes that more employers are looking for quality employees on websites like LinkedIn. With a properly filled-out profile and a strong work history and presentation, it's possible for you to attract the attention of a major corporation or company no matter your field. Staying professional and having a large network will only help your profile gain respect and pageviews, which has the potential to lead to a new and improved career path after only a few years.

LinkedIn has the secondary benefit of an active connection network. Networking when looking for a job can allow you to better connect with friends, family and coworkers. Over time, this will give you access to positions you may not have expected and lead you to meet more industry professionals. At the very least, your former bosses and team members can give you glowing recommendations, which can act as an important distinction when your page is being viewed.

Associations can provide new avenues

If you want to look into the industry itself for potential sources of growth, Automotive Fleet recommends becoming associated with a number of different organizations. The NAFA Fleet Management Association and the Automotive Fleet and Leasing Association can help workers meet other fleet managers. That's only one corner of the industry, however. No matter the role you expect to find yourself in, you'll likely have an opportunity to join a professional club or group that can only bode well for long-term networking and job searching abilities. 

If you're not sure how you want to approach the market, getting in contact with a staffing solutions company can help. Not only will they have knowledge of many market opportunities, but they can also give advice before you go for an interview or send out a resume. Often, they'll be able to find you a contract position that will have the potential to develop into a full job.