Hiring Customer Service Positions in 3 Key Industries

VOIP headset on laptop computer keyboard

The customer is king, and recognizing that has never been more important than today, when a bad experience with your company can be shared worldwide with just a few keystrokes.

The link between good customer experiences and revenue growth is well-documented. “Customers are more loyal, and loyal customers are more willing to consider another purchase from a company, less likely to switch business to a competitor and likely to act as an advocate for the company’s products and services,” according to a 2015 Forrester report. A follow-up report in 2016 notes that consumers expect better, faster and more connected experiences and companies are responding — 71 percent of businesses Forrester surveyed are prioritizing the customer experience.

Are you confident that your company’s customer service reputation is as good as it can be? In part one of a three-part series of articles on customer service below, we take a look at the health care industry. Part two next week will cover the financial services industry and part three the following week will focus on transportation.

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