Holiday Season Job Searching Can Be Full of Opportunities

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As we approach the end of the year, there's a common perception that the holiday season is only good for finding seasonal work. Many people believe November and December can be really poor months to look for work, due to the holidays and family get-togethers as well as end-of-year projects and deadlines capturing the attention of hiring managers.

However, applying for a new job during this time can actually be one of the best ways for you to find work, according to Forbes. A career coach interviewed by the news source found that job hunters who are consistent over time are actually more likely to find a job over the holidays than people who wait until January to continue blitzing companies with resumes. There are a number of reasons why the holiday season is a great time to continue job searching.

Less competition

When fewer people are applying for jobs, it goes without saying that competition isn't quite as fierce as it usually is. Forbes found that a majority of job seekers either believe their efforts won't break through a crowd or that they'd like to take a break when Thanksgiving and Christmas are near. Continuing to apply throughout the holiday season is simple yet gratifying, as you'll have to duke it out with far fewer applicants for a typical job. A position that may have had 50 applicants in June might only have 15 in December - those odds make it a lot easier for you to potentially stand out from the crowd. 

Holidays bring out the best in people

It's easy to see during the holiday rush - there are so many events and parties for various occasions that everyone's happy to see old friends and family. If you've networked even semi-consistently in the past few years, your colleagues will be more than happy to see you. When talking with people, make sure you mention that you're looking for a new opportunity, and try to be as specific as possible. The more details you can give - companies or positions you're looking at - the better chance you will have to get in contact with someone who can push you to the next level, possibly even find you a position. Make sure you ask what others are doing with their time, as it helps the networking process and may even allow you to help someone else with an issue they're experiencing.

Positive momentum is huge

If you're moving forward in your job search at a time when your competition is resting on its laurels, the inherent advantage you'll have on your side is huge, the Times Record Herald reported. If you can make strides during a period that isn't known for having a strong market, you'll get father ahead of the pack and have a better chance at long-term success. Even if your efforts aren't entirely successful, you'll still have months of experience on your competition, which can have myriad benefits later in your search.

The new year is closer than expected

Many people find themselves believing that there's no point in applying for positions until January, mostly because they assume companies won't be harming their bottom line results by making last-minute hires. That's a misconception you can take advantage of. The Times Record Herald found that many businesses will list jobs in November and December in an attempt to kick off hiring in January and hit the ground running in the new year. Getting into a new and great opportunity might be even easier than you'd expect if you keep your search running throughout the holidays.